Jersey Shore: Ronnie Gets His Period


Last night’s episode marked the second week in a row in which a subplot centered around (literal) assholes. This time, it was Ronnie’s, as he experienced the horror of rectal bleeding.

Is it just me or was anyone else like BFD when Ronnie said he pooped blood? Maybe it’s because I’ve dealt with menstruation and a lifetime of difficult/hard shits, but I see the fact that someone can make it to their 20s without seeing blood in the bowl as merely a sign of their charmed life.

According to Ronnie, his butt was bleeding due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, it would appear that alcohol does not directly cause anal bleeding, but rather, long-term alcohol use can cause damage that can cause anal bleeding. So it would seem that something else is wrong with Ronnie and his butt.

On the after show, Ronnie cited stress caused by his problems with Sammi as one of the reasons for his “butt period,” saying, “My ass couldn’t deal with any more shit.”

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