Jersey Shore: Same Shit, Different Toilet


The bipolarity of Sammi and Ron’s relationship has advanced to rapid cycling, with the couple deciding to reconcile and then breaking up all within the same episode. Or as JWoww so eloquently put it, “It’s the same shit, different toilet with Sam and Ron.”

I don’t know if I’ve ever heard a more succinct summation for not only Sam and Ron, but this show in general. Week after week we quite literally are subjected to this cast’s poop. Last night’s episode was no different, as JWoww’s dog’s treated the entire house as their toilet. Maybe all the crap is what causes Sam to always make those stank faces.

BTW, did you notice that last week, when Ron and Same were “just friends” she smiled often? This week, the moment that she agreed to reenter a relationship with him her “something smells bad” face returned. Anyway, almost immediately they were annoying. One drunk conversation as they were walking home from the club really highlighted this with same telling Ron that she “had to get away” from him and then asking, “Why didn’t you chase me?” *Eyeroll*

At least the viewers aren’t the only ones bummed out about this relationship.

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