John Travolta Went on an All-Dude Ski and Spa Trip—With His Wife (?!)

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  • The National Enquirer reports that John Travolta‘s Vermontian resort getaway was semi-secret, and that Kelly Preston was not there. Travvie and his guy-pals were “very discreet,” a source told the Enquirer. “You could tell they didn’t want to be seen.”
  • But as Stowe Today reports, Kelly Preston was actually in Stowe, Vermont with John Travolta. Like, at the same time. Who are we to believe here, the local paper or the almost-Pulitzer winner? STUMPED. [Celebitchy, Stowe Today]
  • Joe Francis has confirmed that his blink-and-you-missed-it marriage is over. Must have been one rough month! Oh, but wait: they were never really married—they had a civil ceremony, and only considered themselves married. Whatever. At least there were no kids involved. Let’s hope there are never any kids involved, wherever Joe Francis happens to be. [Radar]
  • Zac Efron‘s dealing with his break-up from Vanessa Hudgens by working out and getting “extra big.” Girls are “wowed” (this part isn’t really news). [NY Mag]
  • If Zac Efron doesn’t “wow” you, maybe Reese Witherspoon‘s engagement ring will. We’d be stoked to find it in our Cracker Jacks box, for sure. [Popeater]
  • And if the Witherspoon bling ring didn’t work your wows into a frenzy, here’s Kim Kardashian with her hair in very thin braids. OMG, it looks like her hair lost 10 pounds in just two weeks! Those braids are so skinny. [Daily Mail]
  • Speaking to the media about his private life for the very first time, Michael Lohan says he and glamorous citrus fruit Dina Lohan should try to get along so that their rehabilitating daughter Lindsay Lohan doesn’t relapse. He wants “peace talks.” If these talks actually happen, it would be like the celebrity version of the Peace of Westphalia. [Radar]
  • Kelly Osbourne appeared in public with a mystery man. [Daily Mail]
  • Amber Portwood: The Porno? Not if there’s a God. [Hollywood Life]
  • Teen Mom dad Gary Shirley argued with Teen Mom Amber Portwood‘s new man Clint at a wing joint in Indiana, but it might have been staged. [TMZ]
  • Shia LaBeouf wants to be in the upcoming Oliver Stone movie Pinkville, because it’s about the Vietnam War and LaBeouf’s dad was “involved” in the war, somehow. [Contact Music]
  • Oh look, it’s David Arquette dressed up in a tux, a top hat, and a mask, hanging out with some dwarves in Miami. Wonder what he’s trying to tell us. [The Sun]
  • Miley Cyrus has cowboy boots with little landscape scenes and horsies on them. They are very practical! If she gets bored, she can just stare at her feet and daydream about the 1800s, which were “pretty cool.” [Just Jared]
  • Amber Riley doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions because she lives in The Now and gets things done. Maybe she can show us how to do same some time? She could make a webinar about it. [Bloginity]
  • Christina Aguilera is throwing her Dirty 30 birthday party on New Year’s—though you probably already know this, because you read the invitation. See you there. [Contact Music]
  • Oh wait, sorry—changed my mind and am going to hit the Victoria and David Beckham/Gordon Ramsay/Seal/Heidi Klum party instead (probably better food). [The Sun]
  • If you’re in St. Barts for NYE, Fergie‘s singing at some rich guy’s party. Go and wish her a happy 2011. [The Sun]
  • January 7 marks the release date of Britney Spears‘ new single, “Hold It Against Me.” It reportedly has an “infectious” beat. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t hold it against her. [Billboard]
  • Can’t wait for Brit’s new song? Here’s a new leaked one from Katy Perry to hold you over, and it’s pretty good! Wonder if Russell Brand agrees. It’s so hard to imagine him enjoying his wife’s music, because of his total lack of bubblegum candy-pop dancer vibes. [YouTube, Billboard]
  • Russell Brand released a pic of his wifey without her makeup on, then deleted it a nanosecond later. But the pic still got out, and here it is. [Holy Moly]
  • Oprah says she won’t poop in public. TMZ thinks this is a big deal, but it’s not—lots of people have taken the same vow, for very common-sense reasons. You just don’t want your stall neighbors to talk—you’re not there to give them an experience, but to get a job done. [TMZ]
  • For their sexy-sex scenes in Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal-Swift watched the sexy parts of famous movies and talked about their own sexy experiences. [Contact Music]
  • Taylor Swift-Gyllenhaal’s dad mans her merch table at her shows. [Bloginity]
  • Ginuwine is selling neither gin nor wine, but adult chocolate milk. Ginumilk doesn’t really have a ring to it. [ONTD]
  • Oh no: John Mellencamp and Elaine Irwin are splitting up after 20 years together. What could have gone wrong? The speculation begins. [Contact Music]
  • Mr. J.Lo, Marc Anthony, may owe $3.4 million in taxes. He’s had tax issues before, so he’s probably experiencing deja vu-like symptoms of taxitis. [Radar]
  • BREAKING: Celebrity kisses! Mmmmmm. [TMZ]
  • Ben Stiller wasn’t all that impressed by Owen Wilson when the butterscotch stallion auditioned in front of him for the first time so, so many years ago. Now they are like brothers—brothers who don’t look like each other at all (adopted brothers), and who can’t stop acting together. [The Star]
  • Married Mel B has lots of sex with her husband and talks about sex all the time and sex sex sex, that’s what she likes. Sexy spice! Spicy sex! (Bonus sex-sex-sexual benefit: It tones muscles and keeps you slim.) [Bloginity]
  • Emmy Rossum is celebrating her divorce by going to Vegas, where she can play the slots and hang with her girls. [Contact Music]
  • John Stamos—aka “”U.N.C.L.E. Jesse”—played bongos with members of the Beach Boys during a recent show at Disneyland. Yes, Virginia, there is context: He’s making a Beach Boys movie-musical. [TMZ]
  • He’s cokey and he’s he’s spooky, promiscuous and ooky, but he’s not so fucked up that he won’t check in with his mom whenever a death hoax about him erupts: that’s our Charlie Sheen. [Contact Music]
  • “I think it’s quite a task being a royal because you have to be on all the time, it must be a strange experience,” says Emily Blunt. Yeah, that does sound tough! All you folks who work in rock quarries and coal mines should stop complaining, because at least you can be your true, authentic self in those jobs. [The Star]
  • Speaking of the poor royals, Rogaine maybe wants to hire Prince William and his “growing bald spot” to be their spokesman/spokespot. [Digital Spy]
  • Sparrow Madden, age 15 months, already wears a leather jacket. It doesn’t have any Hell’s Angels patches on it, but it does make him look pretty tough. [Just Jared]
  • Stephen Dorff wants to find a gal and settle down. Give him a call, ladies! Or tweet him. (You don’t have to go by “Mrs. Dorff“—you can keep your last name. The law says so.) [Bloginity]
  • Joan Collins has a cold and can’t work! Send her a “get well soon” card with Garfield the cat on it. [Contact Music]
  • Hair-whippersnapper Willow Smith isn’t just her daddy’s girl—she’s also his employee. Maybe she calls him Boss Dad, or Mr. Poppa. [TMZ]
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