Judge Orders Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Explain Twitter to Him in Court

Judge Orders Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Explain Twitter to Him in Court
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Twitter is a social media platform where the same men who demand women remove their headphones in public so they can “ask a quick question” go to demand women engage in impromptu public debates. In both cases, men are prone to throwing fits when women decline. On November 5, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will be forced to appear in a Brooklyn court in order to explain the ways in which Twittermen feel entitled to a woman’s time to an apparently clueless judge.

The testimony is part of an ongoing lawsuit brought by ex-Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who says Ocasio-Cortez violated his First Amendment rights when she blocked him. Hikind claims he was blocked after criticizing Ocasio-Cortez for comparing migrant detention centers to WWII concentration camps.

At an August town hall, Ocasio-Cortez countered that she’s blocked fewer than 20 people for harassing her, not for any particular political stance. She also pointed out that no one has a constitutional right to be heard:

“While people have a right to say whatever they want, they do not have a right to force me to hear it,” she said. “Free speech isn’t an entitlement to force someone to endure your harassment.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s attorneys have asked that the lawsuit be dismissed with prejudice so that it cannot be brought against her again, but a male federal judge would like to know why the lady will not just let the gentleman ask her a quick question:

“‘I think she has to testify,’ Judge Frederic Block said. ‘Her point is that this was an A-OK thing to do … she has to explain.’”

Hikind, for his part, is “very excited” to force Ocasio-Cortez to talk to him in court

“‘That comment from her, I found so incredibly outrageous, Hikind, also a Democrat, said at the hearing. ‘I was shut out basically from having a conversation,’ he said after he was blocked.”

Please, no one tell the guys on the subway who demand I pause my podcast so they can ask if I have a boyfriend that they may now take me to court for an answer.

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