Karlie Kloss Was the Fifth Wheel On Taylor Swift's Double Date

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris went on a double date with Joe Jonas and Gigi Hadid this weekend, and Karlie Kloss was the fifth wheel. The fivesome spent part of the date (or maybe all of it?) on a boat that sailed down the Thames, where Karlie and Taylor presumably talked about other boys and screamed and laughed the whole time as Calvin and Joe and Gigi attempted and failed to find anything remotely resembling common ground.

The evening will be documented in Swift’s forthcoming short film Taylor and Calvin and Joe and Gigi and Karlie and will be released by Big Machine Productions.


Joni Mitchell is still in the hospital, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. Or is she? Mitchell’s conservator released the following statement:

“Joni did in fact suffer an aneurysm…however, details that have emerged in the past few days are mostly speculative. The truth is that Joni is speaking, and she’s speaking well. She is not walking yet, but she will be in the near future as she is undergoing daily therapies…A full recovery is expected.”

She’s probably referring to a statement given by David Crosby in which he said “to my knowledge, she is not speaking yet.”

Do I believe David Crosby or do I believe the conservator? I’ve looked at Mitchell’s condition from both sides now, and have chosen to not believe either of them.


Meek Mill’s tour rider is making me so hungry. It’s like the menu for one of those 24-hour diners that serves every item all day long.

It’s also incredibly specific in the way tour riders often are. Like, he wants chicken wings, but they’d better only be mild or lemon! Do not give Meek Mill hot wings or any of that garlic and parmesan nonsense! He won’t accept them!

Here’s the full menu:


  • 100 mild or lemon pepper wings
  • 5 lbs of seasoned turkey meat
  • potato chips, cookies, Doritos
  • 2 half gallons of Simply Raspberry Lemonade


  • Fresh baked, fried or grilled fish
  • Real jerk chicken
  • Oxtails, rice and peas
  • Mixed Grill, including ribs, steak, BBQ chicken and shrimp
  • Roast turkey
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Snapper
  • Chinese Stirfry
  • Spaghetti
  • Lasagna
  • Linguine
  • Veal
  • Collard greens, veggies, red beans, rice, yams, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, etc.

God, I love that “etc.” so much.

Hey quick question, does anyone know if Meek Mill needs someone else in his entourage?


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