Katy Poses Topless; Dina's Working On Reality Show

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  • Katy Perry has posed topless for Esquire UK.

Maybe it’s just us, but her legs seem especially long… Photoshop Of Horrors? [Hindustan Times, Huffington Post]

  • Dina Lohan is working on a new reality show which will follow Dina and her kids — and Lindsay Lohan will appear in some episodes. Dina says: “I want to prove that we are a good, hardworking family and we don’t have the crazy lives that some people claim we do.” Yeah… it’s so normal to have cameras capture your every move. [Page Six]
  • For your enjoyment: Justin Bieber‘s driver’s permit picture. [OceanUp.com]
  • At the BET awards, Kanye West made a “comeback,” and Chris Brown broke down and sobbed while singing Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror.” [NYDN]
  • Video: Chris Brown crying. Maybe the words, “gonna make a change for once in my life,” really hit hard? Or maybe he was faking. [The Sun]
  • Prince Harry played polo in NYC yesterday and the ladies went wild. [NYDN]
  • Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall: Living separate lives? [Daily Express]
  • Sarah Ferguson has “fled” Britain. [Daily Express]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton were in North Wales Sunday night and stopped to buy snacks at a roadside store when they got to the register and realized that neither of them had cash. Kate ended up paying for the frozen pizzas and orange juice and stuff with a platinum card. Video surveillance pix at the link! [Daily Mail]
  • Sienna Miller and Jude Law are planning their wedding, which will be a “low-key” affair, possibly in the French countryside. Apparently Sienna is making plans for Jude’s kids to be part of the wedding party, without consulting their mother, Sadie Frost. And Sadie is pissed. [Showbiz Spy]
  • If you believe an interpretation of this blind item, then Rihanna has been banned from a hotel in Barbados for smoking weed. [ONTD]
  • Jon Gosselin’s gigantic new tattoo symbolizes a rebirth. [Radar Online]
  • Mel Gibson‘s ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, says that Mel is not paying child support for their nine-month-old daughter, and she has been forced to “live on credit cards.” She also says: “He didn’t dump me, I left him. I rescued my children and myself.” [NYDN]
  • Oksana Grigorieva also claims that Mel Gibson punched her in the face and knocked out her teeth. [TMZ]
  • Mel Gibson‘s lawyer claims that Oksana Grigorieva is making up horrible stories about Mel because she doesn’t like the custody agreement she signed. [TMZ]
  • Does Oksana Grigorieva have “secret” video evidence against Mel Gibson? [Radar Online]
  • A-Rod and Cameron DIaz had dinner in NYC on Friday night and “were very cute and affectionate.” [E!]
  • Ashton Kutcher is the new social media director for Popchips. [NY Post]
  • Weird: Before he died, Simon Monjack left a voicemail on his own cell phone, saying, “I need to go to the hospital. I have a fever.” Maybe he thought he was calling 911? [Daily Express]
  • Ugh, let the dead rest in peace! Keep your pictures of Gary Coleman‘s penis to yourself. [NYDN]
  • Kylie Minogue auctioned off a black Jean Paul Gaultier halter dress for amFar over the weekend, and it commanded $24,770. [AP]
  • In a Michael Jackson memorabilia auction, a crystal-studded glove from the 1984 Victory Tour went for $190,000. [PopEater]
  • BTW: The sale of MJ‘s glove received a standing ovation. [Daily Express]
  • Also auctioned: Marilyn Monroe‘s chest x-rays. [Hindustan Times]
  • Emma Watson has confirmed that she is dating model/musician George Craig , with whom she became close while shooting a Burberry ad campaign. [Daily Express]
  • If you heard the rumor that Fergie is quitting The Black Eyed Peas, be advised: It’s not true. [Daily Express]
  • Stephanie Seymour‘s divorce from Peter Brant is ongoing, and she missed a drug test because she was on vacation in St. Barts. Brant alleges that Seymour mixes prescription drugs with booze. The saddest part of this item? A lawyer for Stephanie and Peter’s children says: All of the kids that I interviewed, they all had memories of her drunk.” [Page Six]
  • Janine from Shear Genius (am I the only one who watches?) got married on Saturday! She is so tiny and adorbs in the photo at the link. [People]
  • “I was supposed to look at this [comedy special] for editing purposes, and I made it through about 35 seconds and decided I would rather be hit in the face with a board repeatedly than listen to me, the sound of my voice, and see me do stand-up. That’s not a comment on the content. It’s a comment on how I don’t know how anybody does that. I’ve seen other comics, with great pleasure, watching their own specials, and I don’t know how or why they do it.” — Janeane Garafalo. [A.V. Club]
  • “If you’re going to be a romantic idol and try to get every teenage girl to love you, then you’d be an ass to come out and say you’re gay. Ricky Martin was so smart. He did what he did, made his millions and then he said, ‘Guess what, every body? I’m gay…It didn’t matter anymore because he didn’t have to bring in 16-year-old girls.” — Joan Rivers. [Page Six]
  • “One day out of the blue, there was knock on the door and when I opened it-there stood the King of Pop in all his glory. I’m rarely without something to say, but on that day and at that moment I was speechless. He wanted to see what I’d done with the place (LOL), so I took him on a tour. As you might expect, he loved my recording studio and couldn’t get over my round Superman bed that fits 45 people. He thought it was the coolest thing he’d ever seen. Having just gotten a taste of fame myself, I was really surprised by how normal and kind he was. I could tell he really enjoyed just hanging out and talking for a while about basketball and other stuff going on with me. He liked just being a regular guy for a moment.” — Shaquille O’Neal remembers Michael Jackson, at the link. [Newsweek]
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