Keanu Reeves Sees a Ghost!

And I quote: “It was cool.”

Reeves recounted his paranormal experience last night on Jimmy Kimmel, in full. Apparently he saw said ghost when he was “six or seven” in his family’s apartment in New York—which, if anywhere is gonna have restless spirits wandering around, might as well be the City. He described it breathlessly and in detail, which makes one wonder if he’s ever told anyone about this before? Seems like something he really needed to get off his chest. Reeves described said ghost as a headless, bodyless, legless “jacket waving through the doorway” that appeared and then disappeared.

Before you get all skeptical: his nanny Renata saw it too! But as he grew to adulthood, Olde Keanu began to doubt himself. “Is that a ghost,” he wondered, “or is that just some weird floating jacket?” Kimmel does not have the answer. Does anyone?

Yes. The Ghost Hunters have the answer. Hoping for a very special future episode in which the team takes Reeves back to the site of his sighting and investigates with night vision! THIS FLOATING JACKET MUST BE STOPPED!

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