Khloe Kardashian Is Ready to Move On, Maybe

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Khloe Kardashian has officially started the public “I’m getting over my ex” process, inaugurating this momentous occasion with—what else—a good Instagram. In a pic, she’s leaning against a car, on the phone, sunglasses on, and looking about as candid as I do when I’m out with my friends and they’re like, “Wait, pose in front of this cool wall!!” The caption reads “Focused and Motivated.” But is she?

Us Weekly has been reporting that Kardashian is still upset that Tristan Thompson won’t show up and be a better fucking dad. I believe it—on Thursday, Kardashian posted an Instagram story and posed her daughter, True Thompson in a t-shirt that says “Wish you were here.”

The fuck!!! This whole Thompson-cheating story has totally evaded talking about the only person whose feelings really matter here: True, but I’m left wondering if she is even old enough to understand what is going on or why her dad hasn’t been around. It’s a depressing thought—part of me hopes Kardashian chose the shirt and is just doing this to bait Thompson (I mean, True is 11 months old, so that’s almost certainly what happened), because True getting involved in a public campaign to shame her dad just makes me sad.

[Us Weekly]

Cardi B would like to state for the record that she is not intentionally being rude and not paying attention when people come up to talk to her; she just has a lot going on up there. In her head. Namely, that she hears a voice in there that sounds pretty distracting!

Per her Instagram:

“The problem is that I have a voice in my head that while I’m talking to people, it just start having a conversation with me and I be replying back. Like, you could be talking to me and the voice in my head, I don’t know, it will start asking me questions like, ‘Hey what happened to that green Balenciaga shirt that you wore the other day?’ And then I’ll reply back in my head like, ‘I don’t know bitch. I think I left it at my grandma’s house.’”

The back-and-forth this with voice will continue, Cardi explains, and yeah, then she’s just staring at the person in front of her and nodding along but is not really there. I feel for you, Cardi. Anyone who tries to say this hasn’t happened to them is lying

[Page Six]

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