Kim Kardashian and Cazzie David Argue About Plastic Sometimes 

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Larry David’s 24-year-old daughter, Cazzie David (who also used to date this guy) has apparently been getting after Kim Kardashian for her what she alleges is an excessive plastic bottle use problem.

Us Weekly reports the simmering dispute began in July when Kardashian posted an Instagram Story that read “Plastic Emergency” and “Our next generation has to live with this! Let’s care enough to fix it!”

David responded with an Instagram Story of her own, writing “Have your family stop using plastic water bottles! 30% of the worlds plastic consumption is in the Kardashian refrigerators.”

Then, on Thursday, the issue resurfaced when Kardashian said on her KKW app of David, “I guess she DM’d me. She said, ‘You should stop using plastic water bottles in your home.’ And then somehow that was calling me out. She screengrabbed and called me, then posted it. If I am posting something and I am socially aware about something, you better believe I was making a change before asking someone else to make a change.”

Kim’s former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd, then told her “People do that to get attention.”

To which Kardashian replied, “Yes, I have no idea who she is.” (*Whispers out of side of mouth* talk about not being socially aware.)

Cutting down on plastic use is always a good idea and even Dirt Bags sometimes recycle!

[Us Weekly]

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