Lady Gaga Requests Paparazzi Photoshop Candid Images of Her

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Lady Gaga and her team reportedly have final say over which photographs of her are released. According to a source, photographers are told to “Smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm,” and “Smooth out and thin her legs” before posting images of her. So much for “born this way”?

Gaga isn’t the first celebrity to attempt to strictly control her public image — notably, for instance, Beyoncé banned professional photographers from her Mrs. Carter tour last year after “unflattering” photos of the singer were posted on Buzzfeed.

According to one Getty photographer, “It’s like with any other artist I work with, and it’s very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away.” He went on to indicate that he’d remove “say, a drop of sweat, an errant lock of hair or a shiny patch on Gaga’s forehead.” Which is understandable, I guess: the media loves to ruthlessly and gleefully pick apart any perceived flaw in a pop star, and so the pressure to appear perfect is intense. However, it’s rather hypocritical to champion body positivity, as Gaga does, and then present altered and slimmed images of oneself as reality.

Anyway, the story also contains this glorious tidbit: at her Roseland Ballroom after-party, Lady Gaga “put her fishnet-clad buttocks” in her boyfriend Taylor Kinney‘s face. “Their chemistry is palpable,” said an onlooker. Sounds like it! [Page Six]

Katy Perry, who recently shared with her world her plans to dye her hair “slime green” and become an art collector, is halfway there already. Look at that beauteous shade of slime. [E!]

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels reportedly wants to leave The Biggest Loser because she’s concerned about the direction the show’s taking. “She is turned off by the mean-spirited story lines and poor care of the contestants,” says a source. [People]

  • Miley Cyrus had to cancel her Charlotte, NC Bangerz tour stop, upsetting an entire city’s worth of 16 year olds wearing their hair in two little buns. [Billboard]
  • Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are maybe dating. [TMZ]
  • Interesting fact about Scarlett Johansson: she would rather be called Dr. Farts than Captain Poop. The More You Know. [Gossip Cop]
  • Will Smith made faces while golfing. I like to imagine that he is laughing at the idea of the sport (repeatedly striking a tiny ball with a long metal rod until it goes into an equally tiny hole). [Just Jared]
  • Kim Kardashian Instagrammed an image of a picturesque Thai beach that she found on Google images. SUCH DECEIT. [Radar]
  • This is a real headline: “Human Ken Disses Human Barbie.” 😐 Why can’t two similarly-minded people just get along? [E!]
  • None of the clubs in Miami want anything to do with Joffrey of Pop/professional nuisance Justin Bieber. [TMZ]

Images via Splash, Instagram, AP.

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