Laptops Making Twin Beds a Thing of the Past


Apparently sales of single beds are down, and kids are “demanding” that they get double beds, so that they’ll have plenty of room for their laptops, iphones and ipads. According to the Daily Mail, a double bed has been sold for a child as young as two.

The story has some other gobbeldygook about how kids play outside less and communicate online more, so the bed becomes the place where homework and Facebooking and so on happens. We’re gonna need a bigger bed.

Of course, the trend could also be financially sound: Instead of going from crib to twin to double as a kid gets older, going from crib to double means one bed can last for years. But. It’s kind of crazy how young the technology-in-bed thing starts. It’s true that I often sleep with my iPhone and iPad in my bed, but should parents be encouraging kids to do it?

[BetaBeat/Observer, Daily Mail]

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