Learn The History of The Rabbit, Your Go-To Orgasm Generator 


Do you know your vibrator history? A rich background of labor and creativity supports the orgasms you now enjoy. Let us take a moment to give thanks to those who came before us and, in turn, helped us to come harder.

September 22 is International Rabbit Day and so Cosmopolitan, interpreting the object of appreciation more broadly, has celebrated with a history of The Rabbit vibrator. Did you know, for instance, that animal vibrators were introduced in 1983? A veritable menagerie blossomed with the creation of The Beaver, The Kangaroo, and The Turtle, the last of which doesn’t sound especially promising. Perhaps that is why it’s “now defunct.”

The Rabbit entered our boudoirs and vaginas in 1984 and, with the help of a Sex and the City episode touting its powers, it went “viral.”

By 2006 The Rabbit was deemed “the Rolls Royce of sex toys” by the Oprah Magazine which definitely solidifies its significance in the larger cultural consciousness.

Check out the rest of the timeline and then…well, I think you know what will do just the trick.

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