LeBron James Absolutely Must Be Cast As the Lead in a Comedy


If LeBron James isn’t cast as the lead funnyman in the film his production company just sold, there is no justice in this world. Because LeBron is indeed funny.

According to Variety, James’ production company SpringHill Entertainment has been working a pitch for a new comedy with screenwriter Steve Mallory for “several months.” Paramount Players just bought the project, and James is reportedly in talks to star in the film.

Which is the best friggin’ news I’ve heard all day. (It’s 10 a.m., but still.) I still have no regrets about seeing Amy Schumer’s movie Trainwreck in theaters, which not only convinced me that yes, I would date Bill Hader, but also that LEBRON JAMES HAS A GIFT, and it’s not basketball, people. It’s making me laugh.

Was it lightning in a bottle? Will it strike twice? No, and yes, if I remember the meaning of those idioms correctly—James carried himself with such self-possession and delivered his zany but endearing lines so masterfully, that I believe he should have his own movie. Whether he’s a “great” actor or not is beside the point. He has a command not just for the court, but also of comedic timing and body language. I’m sure he’s not busy.

LeBron further proved his expressive talents in the NBA Finals this year. Go (star in a movie), LeBron!

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