Lily Allen: A Few Sizes Smaller, Scared of Karl Lagerfeld


We love a Lily Allen interview because the girl doesn’t have much of a filter, but she’s got a knack for talkin’ smack, particularly about the fashion industry and magazine editors for perpetuating unrealistic standards of beauty. So it’s a bit weird that she’s noticeably shed a few pounds and will be performing at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks concert next month — clad in Chanel. However, in today’s Times of London, it’s evident that she’s still her same old self:

I have lost quite a bit of weight but I didn’t feel any pressure to do it. It wasn’t even intentional, it was more that I split up with my boyfriend and I’ve been mucked up ever since.

She also opens up about being afraid to meet Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld:

I was absolutely petrified when I first met Karl [Lagerfeld]. All the PRs were pushing me into going and I was like, what am I doing? And I was really shitting myself.

Shitting herself? Maybe that’s how she lost the weight!

I’ve Done Prom Dresses To Death [Times of London]

Lily Allen Gives A Blow, Gets A Boot
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