Lindsay Bluth's Face Overshadows Arrested Development Comeback

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It seems like everyone who binged on Arrested Development’s Season 4 the moment it hit Netflix (i.e. the entire Internet) has been sipping on some hot ham water and talking about how different Portia De Rossi’s face looks on the show. As is often the case in these situations, plastic surgeons were called upon to scrutinize Lindsay Bluth’s dome: they speculate that she’s had rhinoplasty, a coronal brow lift, eyelid surgery, various lipo “fillers,” Botox, and a partridge in a pear tree.

It’s kind of interesting that nobody seems to be considering that de Rossi was made up to look
like she had work done, especially since Buzzfeed ran a shot of a natural-looking de Rossi just a few months back. Lindsay’s plastic surgery is something that’s been repeatedly referenced on AD — it’s easy to imagine she’d get work done in the seven years since the show’s final Fox season, and it’s just the kind of subtle joke Mitch Hurwitz and co. would let go unmentioned. [The Daily Beast, lede image via Buzzfeed]

Just when we thought America was finally done with Farrah Abraham, she’s still throwing shade at her co-star in the very private sex tape she made for her grandkids someday — the very private, never-has-sex-on-camera-for-money James Deen.

“He was gentle because I made him be gentle, but I think in life he has more of an anger issue which makes him not so gentle,” Farrah said of James.
“I’m OK with my choice of having my one and only video with James. Now that I know him more, I would never do it with him again and I’m not interested in any other public figures in entertainment to get physical with, but wish them all the best on their love life.”

[Radar Online]

Beyonce’s reaction to Kelly Rowland’s “Dirty Laundry,” which airs just that, will leave you a little teary if u r humanz: “[Beyonce] was just like, ‘I never left. Which was so sweet. It was endearing. She heard how real I was and she was just like ‘I’m so proud of you.'” [Us Weekly]

In case you didn’t watch the last episode of What Would Ryan Lochte Do (I DON’T FORGIVE YOU): Sex Idiot got dumped by his girlfriend of four years via phone, now has something in common with Taylor Swift besides possessing the sparkly heart of the truly optimistic. Video at the link. [NYDN]

  • Attn: World. Conne Britton was almost on Girls. It almost happened. [Page Six]
  • Lindsay Lohan got her whole family anchor necklaces because they’re anchors in her life. [TMZ]
  • Justin Bieber’s friend Lil Twist got in trouble for speeding in J’Beebs’ Ferrari. Again. Cool it, you guys. [TMZ]
  • Amanda Bynes is just fine, says her lawyer who also has a few Gideon bibles and a “1992 Ford Taurus” (cardboard box with windows Sharpied on) to sell you. [People]
  • Aaron Paul and Lauren Parkesian’s first dance as a married couple was to “La Vie En Rose.” Cute, even though I always picture Marion Cotillard’s late-term Edith Piaf lemonface. [People]
  • Justine Bateman is a UCLA freshman at 47. Props. [Yahoo! News]
  • Sir Patrick Stewart has his first-ever slice of pizza. Monumental. [People]
  • LeAnn Rimes would be open to surrogacy or adoption. [People]
  • Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella got a pixie cut. [Us Weekly]
  • Neil Patrick Harris will host the Emmys again this year. [NYDN]
  • Candice Accola from The Vampire Diaries is engaged to some dude from the Fray, and if any of that means anything to you, congratulations, you’re younger than I am. [Gossip Cop]
  • Jenna Jameson wrote an erotic novel called A Sport and A Pastime. JK, it’s called Sugar. Tell your friends. [Radar Online]
  • Let’s all just take a moment to picture Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Spacey and Steve Aoki in a DJ booth together. [Page Six]
  • Cameron Diaz might be dating a car mogul — the inspiration for Iron Man, supposedly — with the wonderful name of Elon Musk. [Page Six]
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