Lindsay Denies Sam Hit Her; Stripper Says She's Pregnant With Josh Duhamel's Baby

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  • Today Lindsay Lohan denied Radar’s report that Samantha Ronson beat, punched, and choked her. “This is become a bit much,” she Tweeted. “Samantha R never raised a hand to me.”
  • Lindsay continued, “I’ve never said she did. Enough is Enough. Focus on more important world issues.” Ronson replied thanking Linds for, “clearing that up. The high road was giving me a nose bleed! ;).” She added, “To ANYONE who perpetuates this rumour accusing me of being violently abusive after @lindsaylohan has denied it: I WILL take legal action.” [Us]
  • A source (who dines with Ludacris) says that on Friday night in Miami the owner of the restaurant Prime 112 told him that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush had just gotten engaged at a table in the corner. There are photos of Kim and Reggie leaving the restaurant and she’s hiding her left hand. [ONTD]
  • Another source insists Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are not engaged saying, “No, haha, so many stories! She’s been engaged 30 times now!” [Us]
  • Khloe Kardashian, who recently met President Obama with other L.A. Lakers wives, wrote on her blog, “I was lucky enough to tag along LOL… Never did I EVER think I would be in the same room as the president, let alone get to shake his hand. I was pretty nervous but I think I held it together pretty well. President Obama was so sweet and charming…I might have had a slight crush on him LOL!!” [Us]
  • Paris Hilton hinted again that she and Doug Reinhardt will be getting engaged when she received an award for her charity work and said, “I’d like to thank my future sister-in-law Casey Reinhardt.” [The Sun]
  • The National Enquirer is reporting that the stripper who said Josh Duhamel cheated on Fergie with her is pregnant and she’s “95 percent certain” that Josh is the daddy. [Showbiz Spy]
  • A source close to Heidi Montag (probably Heidi Montag) says she may be doing Playboy again.”Heidi would love to do another cover,” the source said. “She is currently speaking with [photographer] Matthew Rolston about a steamy, soapy shower concept showing her boobs through a shower door.” [Access Hollywood]
  • Real Housewife Kelly Bensimon says of posing for Playboy “I’m 41. It’s a great image for the rest of the world. Yes, you can have it all. You can have two kids, you can be in shape and you can really enjoy life.” Apparently she doesn’t reveal anything “south of the border.” She explains, “I didn’t want to do that. I don’t think that part of a woman’s body is really evocative. The roundness of the hips, the buttocks, the breast, the shoulders, the clavicle, the hair, the teeth-those are things that I think are most evocative and provocative parts of the body. So I don’t think it’s really necessary to show that. Some people might think it’s necessary, but it wasn’t for me.” [E!]
  • Friends say Lily Allen‘s relationship with Sam Cooper is going strong. “Lily adores Sam and has been so excited about seeing him after she has spent so much time in Australia,” said the source. “She has decided he is definitely ‘the one’ and she thinks he has every quality she believes someone needs to become a good dad. Lily can’t wait to have kids and settle down.” [Daily Express]
  • Noooo! Sources say Jon Gosselin is in talks with TLC to allow his kids to be on TV again. “Jon does not have money for the intense lawyer fees and ensuing battle with the media giant and Kate has asked him to reconsider his decision for the family,” the source said. “She is willing to negotiate with him and TLC so that everyone gets what they want.” [Fox News]
  • Hailey Glassman is on the cover of the new issue of Steppin’ Out magazine. She says she feared Jon Gosselin, and repeats digs about him being a “textbook sociopath” and having a small penis. [Star]
  • A family violence expert who has never met Nancy Kerrigan‘s family says they made a mistake by letting Mark Kerrigan, who had a history of mental illness and violence, stay in their home. [Radar]
  • When asked about his relationship with Jessica Simpson by the paparazzi, Billy Corgan said, “Jessica Rabbit? She’s a cartoon character. I don’t know if you knew that. They did such a good job on the movie that you swore she was real.” [E!]
  • Though others were offended by John Mayer‘s comments about black women, Holly Robinson Peete says, “I’m levitating. There’s nothing that makes a 45-year-old mother of four feel better than when she’s dropping her kids off at school than to get a link on my iPhone that says John Mayer thinks I’m hot.” [E!]
  • Perez Hilton claims that he and John Mayer “had a secret (until now) text and email relationship (nothing sexual) for quite some time now.” One night John asked Perez and some friends to come over to his apartment at 2 am, and Perez claims this exchange took place: John: “You think I’m gay don’t you?” Perez: “Yes.” John: “I’m not.” Perez: “Have you ever had a penis in your mouth?” John: “Yes.” Perez: “Your’e gay!” [Perez]
  • Celine Dion will return to Las Vegas for a new show next year. “It’s happening!” Dion said. “Great songs, great lyrics. I think it’s going to be very touching.” [People]
  • Viggo Mortensen and Liv Tyler are at the top of a list of Hollywood’s top-earning on-screen couples, because apparently their romance was the only thing that, “convinced a lot of girlfriends to sit through more than nine hours of orcs and wizards and hobbits.” You know, because women like moronic rom-coms, but can’t stand Oscar-winning sci-fi/fantasy films. [Forbes]
  • Brigitte Bardot is threatening to sue a close friend of French President Nicolas Sarkozy if he doesn’t stop claiming that he had an affair with her. She said in a statement: “I am beginning to get fed up hearing Mr. (Patrick) Balkany boasting that he had an affair with me, which I have already formally denied.” [AFP]
  • Peter Andre is (rightfully) angry at Katie Price because she put their two-year-old daughter in makeup and false eyelashes, then posted the pictures on Facebook. [The Sun]
  • Kate Bosworth says the rumors that she’s dating her Straw Dogs co-star Alexander Skarsgard aren’t true. “We are very good friends,” Bosworth said. “He’s a wonderful, wonderful man. I adore him.” [People]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lawyer says he’s not worried about his client getting a “downtown L.A. jury dominated by African Americans” for his involuntary manslaughter trial because,”Dr. Murray is as much of an inspiration as Michael Jackson was.” [TMZ]
  • Another attorney who isn’t involved in the case says it’s unlikely Dr. Conrad Murray will be offered a plea deal because, “Dr. Murray’s involuntary manslaughter charge is a straight felony, meaning it can’t be reduced to a misdemeanor… there is very little incentive to strike a deal.” [Radar]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray, who is out on $75,000 bail, went back to work today. [TMZ]
  • A woman is suing Jillian Michaels for false advertising because she took “Jillian Michaels Maximum Strength Calorie Control” diet supplement pills and didn’t lose weight. [AP]
  • Paul Anka said of his estranged wife Anna Yeager, who claims he pulled a gun on her in December, “She needs medical help. Why not call 911 when the guy has a gun to your head? I would assume that anyone without a lobotomy would have called 911 when the incident happened, not the day after.” [Daily Express]
  • Matt Kemp says Rihanna is “just a friend, a good friend of mine… We went down to Mexico and had fun together.” [Perez]
  • At a concert in Manchester Kelly Clarkson declared, “I love soulful music and i don’t always get to record it because i work with a bunch of suits,” then sang, “Two more records!” Hope those “suits” don’t watch this video. [Perez]
  • Whoopi Goldberg has been hired by Poise undergarments. She’ll “start a conversation” on The View and in webisodes about her “light bladder leakage.” [Radar]
  • Hollywood madam Michelle Braun says she supplied Tiger Woods with prostitutes on 12 different occasions. “One girl, when I called her to go back, she said, ‘I don’t know if I can keep up with him … he can go for days,'” Braun recalled. [UPI]
  • American Chopper has been cancelled because stars Paul, Paul “Paulie” Jr. and Michael Teutul, are having a major fight. [E!]
  • A source says Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, are “already are going through intense marriage counselling and Charlie has been very religious about attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and serious anger management counseling.” [3 News]
  • Here’s video of Angelina Jolie visiting children at a hospital in Haiti. [Popsugar]
  • Molly Shannon will play “Brenda Castle, the busty 45-year old new astronomy teacher and badminton coach at McKinley High School who is both an alcoholic and a pill-popper” on Glee. [E!]
  • In an interview about Roman Polanski‘s film The Ghost Writer, stars Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan praised his skills as a director and refused to talk about his house arrest. Brosnan added that he became a US citizen during “the atrocity of the Bush years” to help his American wife and children “endure the hypocrisy and stupidity of the man’s power.” [AFP]
  • When asked whether Kate should be with Jack or Sawyer on Lost, Evangeline Lilly said, “I’m afraid I’m going to go down on record saying this, but Kate has ridden both those horses…Neither one seems to fit. It’s been six years, and those boys haven’t picked it up. So, unless they pick up their A-game, I think she’s done.” [E!]
  • Fantasia Barrino says of starring in The Color Purple on Broadway, “All of a sudden, I knew what Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry were talking about in interviews I’ve seen. I just took on this role and I never knew how to release it or let it go. I was stepping in her shoes and being told I’m ugly every day and working in the field. And not to mention I had a lot of problems in Fantasia’s world – my accountants, my lawyer, my management wasn’t right. So here you are playing this role and her life isn’t peaches and cream, and then you get off stage and yours ain’t either. That’s a heavy load.” [LAT]
  • Zoe Saldana, who starred in Avatar and Star Trek this year but for some reason isn’t on the current cover of Vanity Fair says, “Our pace might be a little slow and it might not be on par to how we, as American civilians, would like it to be, but it is still an amazing country… So, when I look at magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue, I know that it’s just a matter of time, the same way Obama took his time and he got to office and became President… it’s just a matter of time until magazines, the media, our art, our culture, our colloquial lifestyle, tags along to our today reality.”[Access Hollywood]
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