Sure Looks Like Pete Davidson’s Mom Wants Kim Pregnant by the End of the Year

Amy Davidson responded to Instagram comments claiming Kim Kardashian may give her a grandchild, sending fans into a tizzy.

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Sure Looks Like Pete Davidson’s Mom Wants Kim Pregnant by the End of the Year
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In a series of events that could only happen on our absolutely fucked up timeline, Amy Davidson—mother to SNL star Pete Davidson and a clear Kim Kardashian fan—has sent the rumor mill into a tailspin with a comment she made about Pete and Kim on Instagram. After a fan account shared a series of paparazzi photos of the couple kissing outside of an airport in Los Angeles, a commenter wrote: “She will be pregnant with his child by the end of the year. ❤️.” The commenter notably tagged @amyymarie118, Pete’s mom, in the comment.

First of all, I, a human woman, can confirm that you cannot get pregnant from kissing, so that comment may be a bit of a stretch. Second of all, imaging tagging someone’s MOTHER in a photo of them kissing their girlfriend? Calm down, horny fans. You’re doing too much. Anyway, people were absolutely riveted to find that Amy responded to the objectively weird comment with a “yayyyy!” and now everyone thinks she’s fiending to be a co-grandma with Kris Jenner. Would Kim use the same surrogate she used with Kanye if this were to transpire??? I digress.

Amy’s comment appears to have been scrubbed from the page, so I’m sure fans will have even more to say about that.

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