Lost Season 6 Premiere: Live Blog Together, Die Alone


After what seems like an eternity—nine months! humans have been completely gestated since we last saw the castaways!—the two-hour season premiere of the sixth and final season of Lost is finally here.

11:00 Aaaaand: Zombie Sawyer Sayid! (It’s been a long day.)

10:58 Richard was totally a slave from the Black Rock!!!!

10:57 I’m really into this conversation between Jack and Locke: “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you…”

10:49 I’m thinking for Smokey, home = the Temple.

10:48 John Locke’s last thought’s kind of sum up the viewing experience of Lost: “I don’t understand.”

10:35 Sayid cannot be dead!

10:23 Whoa! It’s Cindy the flight attendant!

10:19 Sawyer’s hair was not this long on the pilot.

10:12 Oh yeah, the Whispers! I totally forgot to include that in my 42 unanswered questions. Well, now that the “What is the Smoke Monster?” question has been answered, it looks like we still have 42 unanswered questions.

10:09 Jeez Louise, Christian’s body is missing in every universe. Also, hay, Montand!

10:00 Did you notice that the guy sitting between Boone and Locke was Frogurt?

9:57 These people on Oceanic 815 are awfully chatty for a bunch of strangers. My husband always does that with people on planes. I like to keep to myself, especially on flights that long.

9:50 These Smoke Monster effects always give me second-hand embarrassment. It’s a key entity of the show! They can’t invest some more of the budget into it?

9:49 Confirmed: Fake Locke/Black Shirt = Smoke Monster. BTW, Who tries to shoot smoke?

9:43 Remember on the pilot episode, immediately after the crash, when Jack needed pens to save someone’s life, and Boone had to run around to find some? Also, the fact that Jack’s missing the pen that he had in his pocket is probably gonna be some important big deal.

9:38 Sayid shot Ben and then Ben was taken to the Temple to be healed. Then Ben’s dad shot Sayid, and now he’s being taken to the Temple to be healed.

9:27 Boone’s “natural-look” probably takes him about 45 minutes to apply.

9:25 Was Maggie Grace (Shannon) not able available for filming?

9:21 OMG, Hurley has a gun! I was just going to say that in my weapons gallery below, I couldn’t find an instance where Hurley had one. (Other than that time when he threw the Hot Pocket at Ben.)

9:20 Sayid can’t die. He is my constant. He’s the only one who applies logic to his actions.

9:13 Clearly Jack’s plan has not completely panned out. Theory: You can change the future and create an alternate reality, but you won’t be part of it, because you are still part of your own thread. God, just thinking about time travel is gonna give me a nosebleed.

9:07 Hey! Desmond was never on that flight! (But I guess since there is no Island in this alternate reality, he was available for the trip.)

9:05 Some other geek beat me to the punch (and saved me the trouble) of doing a scene-to-scene comparison of the pilot episode and this episode, “LA X”:

9:02 I’ve watched these first four minutes over and over again for the past week.

9:00 Did you ever notice how the Losties are drawn to weapons as much as they are to the Island?

Click on this image of the season 6 promo poster for the characters who will presumably return for this season:

From left: Daniel Faraday, Boone Carlyle, Miles Straum, Michael Dawson, Ana Lucia Cortez, Charlotte Staples Lewis, Captain Frank Lapidus, Shannon Rutherford, Desmond Hume, Mr. Eko, Kate Austen, Jack Shephard, Sawyer aka James Ford aka LaFleur, John Locke, Benjamin Linus, Sayid Jarrah, Libby Smith, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Jin-Soo Kwon, Claire Littleton, Hugo Reyes aka Hurley, Juliet Burke, Charlie Pace, Richard Alpert, Bernard Nadler, Rose Nadler, and Vincent.

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