Lost Spoiler: Ilana's Background


In an interview with New York today, Zuleikha Robinson dropped a huge clue about the history of her character Ilana. An intentional hint or a total fuck up on her part? Highlight the text after the jump to find out.

Ilana—and her back story—is presently one of the larger mysteries of Lost. (Why was Jacob “like a father” to her? Why is she responsible to protect the candidates? How had she gotten so injured that only her eye was visible when Jacob visited her in the hospital? Had she ever spent time on the Island before?) Robinson rates her character’s “mysterious scale” between 8 and 10. When asked if Ilana has a last name, Robinson said, “No last name. Oh…That’s not true! That’s not true! That’s so not true, I just remembered…There is a last name and that comes in one of the other episodes.”

Highlight the following to find out what it is:
“It’s Radzinsky, or something like that.”

For info on the significance of her revelation, go here.

Tonight’s episode, which is Richard Alpert-centric, looks like it’s gonna be a major one for fans interested in the Island’s history. If you want to get completely pumped about it, you can check out some spoiler-y promotional photos for it here.

Lost’s Zuleikha Robinson on Ilana’s Origins [NY Mag]

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