Louise Slaughter Seeking To Destroy America Through Accurate Sex Education


Upstate New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is at the forefront of a controversial sex ed movement. She wants trollops like you to have medically accurate information about sex, contraception and disease. Bitch.

No, for real, Slaughter’s Prevention First Act which may actually see the President’s desk this year is utterly shocking for what it proposes in this area:

(a) In General- The Secretary of Health and Human Services may make grants to eligible States to conduct sex education programs, including programs that provide education on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS.
(b) Requirements for Sex Education Programs- For purposes of this title, a sex education program is a program that—
(1) is age-appropriate and medically accurate;
(2) stresses the value of abstinence while not ignoring those young people who have had or are having sexual intercourse;
(3) provides information about the health benefits and side effects of all contraceptive and barrier methods used—
(A) as a means to prevent pregnancy; and
(B) to reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease, including HIV/AIDS;
(4) encourages family communication between parent and child about sexuality;
(5) teaches young people the skills to make responsible decisions about sexuality, including how to avoid unwanted verbal, physical, and sexual advances and how to avoid making verbal, physical, and sexual advances that are not wanted by the other party;
(6) teaches young people how alcohol and drug use can affect responsible decision making; and
(7) does not teach or promote religion;
(c) Additional Activities- In carrying out a program of sex education, a State may expend a grant under subsection (a) to carry out educational and motivational activities that help young people—
(1) gain knowledge about the physical, emotional, biological, and hormonal changes of adolescence and subsequent stages of human maturation;
(2) develop the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure and protect their sexual and reproductive health from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, including HIV/AIDS throughout their lifespan;
(3) gain knowledge about the specific involvement and responsibility of males in sexual decision making;
(4) develop healthy attitudes and values about adolescent growth and development, body image, racial and ethnic diversity, and other related subjects;
(5) develop and practice healthy life skills, including goal-setting, decision making, negotiation, communication, and stress management;
(6) develop healthy relationships, including skills to prevent dating and sexual violence;
(7) promote self-esteem and positive interpersonal skills focusing on relationship dynamics, including friendships, dating, romantic involvement, marriage and family interactions; and
(8) prepare for the adult world by focusing on educational and career success, including developing skills for employment, job seeking, independent living, financial self-sufficiency, and workplace productivity.

The damnable liberals are seeking to pass a law that requires states give medically accurate information to kids! That acknowledges abstinence! That teaches that men and boys have responsibilities to not pressure women and girls! That encourages parental involvement! That doesn’t promote religion! It’s like they’re trying to destroy the very fabric of our society!

this page to email your Congress member about H.R. 463 and this page to email your Senators about Harry Reid’s companion bill, S. 21.]

Just Say No [The Economist]

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