Love Songs Make It Easier To Find A Date • Woman Rips Windpipe Blowing Vuvuzela


• French researchers have found that listening to love ballads can make women more likely to accept a date from an “average” young man. In order to test this, they played their subjects music by Francis Cabrel and Vincent Delerm.

The ladies were asked to sit in a waiting room where they would be approached by “Antoine” while listening to the romantic tunes. Women who were played the songs were more likely to accept than those who sat in silence. • A coffee shop outside Denver that made the national news due to the baristas unorthodox uniforms (they were required to work in bikinis) has closed. They were reportedly not keeping on the rent, but the owner says he was simply having problems with the landlord. He hopes to reopen at a new location. • A German drug company has developed what they believe is the equivalent of lady-Viagra. Though most of the reported side effects are mild, the FDA has yet to approve the pink-colored pills. Studies on the effectiveness of the drug have been inconclusive. • In a recent interview with her father, Ayla Brown finally got to ask the Massachusetts senator what he meant by the famous “available” comment. “So I’d like to go back to that night… that you said I was available… Are you scared or worried that I won’t find someone? Is that why you said I was available?” she wondered. Brown said he was “just trying to be funny.” • Are dads the “third victim” in the abortion debate? That’s what Gary Bauer for the Christian Science Monitor is arguing this week. Apparently, some men can get post-abortion trauma following the procedure. Couples are also more prone to arguing after an abortion, according to a study. Sadly, many men feel that there is a stigma against voicing their grief following a procedure, which can put serious strain on a relationship. • A recent study out of Australia shows that 1 in 5 young people think a woman can’t really be raped if she is drunk or “leading people on.” 1 in 6 not only believe that a girl is “asking for it” if she wears slutty clothes, but also that some level of abuse is acceptable in relationships. • The UK’s former Mr. Gay has been suspended from his job as a police officer for allegations of rape. Mark Carter, 27, has been charged with “male rape and other sex offenses” following an incident at the Etap hotel last December. • A study from the University of South Florida found that infants are more likely to survive their first year of life if their dads were involved in the pregnancy. Babies with absent fathers were nearly four times as likely to die before their first birthday than kids with two active parents. • The human race is going to die out in the next hundred years, according to a professor of microbiology from the Australian National University. He believes it is an “irreversible situation” and that the human race will be done in by population explosion and “unbridled consumption.” He also believes the climate change will play a huge role in our demise. • A British woman celebrating the World Cup ripped her windpipe blowing a vuvuzela. She was left unable to speak or eat for two days. She says when she went to the doctor, he “took a look and then laughed. He said I’d ruptured my throat by blowing too hard, and that perhaps I had been doing it all wrong.” •

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