Man, I Feel Like This Is How You Talk About Your Shitty Ex

Apparently, Shania Twain mastered enlightenment between shows on her tour.

Man, I Feel Like This Is How You Talk About Your Shitty Ex

This week, on the latest episode of the Great Company with Jamie Laing podcast, Shania Twain spoke candidly about her philandering ex-husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange. Now, before you think you have anything in common with the country legend, I’ll stop you right there. Though she has all the reason in the world, she didn’t talk shit about him.

In case you’re unaware of the lore, Twain and Lange were married from 1993 to 2008. The pair were creative collaborators in addition to life partners but that sure didn’t stop the latter from cheating…with his wife’s best friend, personal assistant, secretary, and estate manager, Marie-Anne Thiébaud. That’s right. Lange’s boots were under Thiébaud’s bed. I mean, that’s one way of managing your girl’s estate!

Twain, however, seems to have read Siddhartha a time or two since then because there wasn’t one drop of bitterness when she reflected on the whole situation to Laing.

“Forgiveness is in the family of letting go,” Twain said. “But forgiveness, more specifically for me anyway, is not about forgetting necessarily. It’s about understanding the other person, and that might mean that they’re wrong…Maybe you believe forever that whatever they did was wrong.”

She then stopped speaking in platitudes and became more specific: “Do I hate my ex-husband for making a mistake? No. It’s his mistake. Not my mistake.”

“So sad for him that he made such a great mistake that he has to live with,” she continued. “And I don’t know what that is, but it’s not…That’s not my weight.” I, personally, am sad for him, too. Fumbling Shania Twain is an error that warrants life-long depression.

Since then, Twain has moved on with none other than Thiébaud’s hot husband (legend), overcame dysphonia, and boasts a recently sold-out tour and not one, but two, Vegas residencies. But what’s perhaps most personally inspiring? Twain has also never publicly uttered an ill word about her former best friend.

That does, in fact, impress me much!

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