"Mancations" Help Bros Escape Female-Dominated World • Japanese Porn Star Offers Sex To Make Up For WWII


• In attempts to fight the Mancession-blues while keeping the bromance alive, some dudes are embarking on “mancations.” Sometimes these all-male vacations even take them to “man caves,” where they may or may not do a little manscaping.

Once more, in English: Men are taking vacations with other men, rather than with their families. They view these excursions as a way to deepen friendships or “escape what they regard as an increasingly female-dominated world.” • Although obese single women have sex less often than their lighter peers, they are still four times more likely to have unplanned pregnancies, reports the Daily Mail. Overweight women are also 66% less likely to take the pill, and 63% less likely to seek information on contraception. • A recent study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that the proportion of drug addicts over the age of 50 almost doubled between 1992 and 2008. While alcohol remains the substance of choice for the 50+ set, they also noticed sharp spikes in people seeking treatment for heroin, cocaine, and marijuana addiction. • A hardworking cab driver was recently rewarded for his years of service when a woman he had been driving to and from the shops for 20 years passed away, leaving him her entire estate. Don Pratt, father of four, said that Mary Watson once told him “When I pass on, I’ll look after you,” but he “took it with a pinch of salt at the time.” • Yesterday, two Dutch women were jailed in South Africa for bringing 36 mini-skirted women to a World Cup match. However, it was not the length of the tight orange skirts that mattered, it was their affiliation with the Dutch brewer Bavaria Beer. Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen said the arrests were “absurd” and suggests that legal action should have been taken against the company, not the individual women. • The New York Post reports that a “brainy” Japanese porn star has offered to have sex with Chinese students as a way of “apologizing” for what her country did in 1937. “I want to cure the wounds of China with my body… I think it would b e a symbolic compensation for them,” she (rather nonsensically) explained. • Though the Empire State Building will not glow blue and white to honor Mother Teresa, the Sea-Air-Space Museum has stepped up and offered to change their lighting on August 26. City council members are also urging New Yorkers to think of her birthday as a “Day of Service” and spend some time volunteering. • A woman who goes by the name “Lil’ Mama” recently appeared on Maury to show off her pole dancing skills in attempts to impress a former flame. Unremarkable story, except for one fact: She only has one leg. And she is awesome. • A drug that has been touted as the “female Viagra” may not actually increase arousal at all, according to a recent trail. Plus, it has the un-sexy side effects of dizziness and nausea. Bummer. • A Greyhound bus driver in New York recently stole a bus to go to Mount Vernon to visit a ladyfriend. The story would be kind of sweet, except Duane Snipes’s parents say that his serious girlfriend lives in North Carolina, so he may just have been very publicly caught for stepping out.

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