Martine McCutcheon Makes Poop Pretty


In a new British Activia commercial, Martine McCutcheon relaxes in her boudoir while seductively declaring her love for yogurt. Why can’t we take “deliciously indulgent” trips to the bathroom in America?

Martine (who you may remember from Love Actually) gets to enjoy Activia Intensely Creamy (not available in the U.S.) out of a glass jar while listening to "Gimme Some Loving," and spinning in a retro bubble chair.

Compare that to the Activia commercials airing in America: Jamie Lee Curtis eats from a sad plastic tub — and she only mentions that the yogurt tastes good as an afterthought.

Dannon USA won’t even let us embed the two new ads (boo), so here’s a recap: In the first, a know-it-all mom cooks greasy foods throughout the holidays, then admonishes her constipated adult daughter because she should’ve been eating Activia. In the second, Jamie Lee Curtis tells a woman to take the Activia challenge. In the bathroom, another challenge is the last thing you need.

The women in American Activia commercials are required to make wild gestures over their abdomen, to make it clear that “feeling a little irregular” means “THEY CAN’T POOP.” But British Martine knows we’re not idiots. In her other Activia commerical she shows us not just what the yogurt does, but how the yogurt will make us feel:

Constipation relief is as thrilling as a fireworks show, and if Activia can help us achieve our dream of frolicking through an English village while wearing an adorable hat, we’ll start buying it in bulk.

Activia Tries Really, Really, REALLY Hard To Make Yogurt Sexy [AdGrabber via AdRants]
DannonUSA’s Channel [YouTube]

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