Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant Set Up Their Old-Ass Parents On a Date

Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant Set Up Their Old-Ass Parents On a Date

The world as we know it will end sooner rather than later for reasons that feel obvious enough. Love, or at least the grisly process of throwing a semblance of caution to the wind and seeing how things go, is one of the few pleasures that human beings relentlessly pursue despite the clear and present danger that is trusting someone else completely with a sliver of your emotions. Though I do not know Hugh Grant or Matthew McConaughey personally, I am certain that this is why the two famous men gently pushed their non-famous parents together in what I am hoping will be a pleasant-enough story for the grandkids.

Per Page Six, McConaughey and Grant were filming The Gentleman when they came up with the idea to set up their parents. McConaughey’s mother, Kay McConaughey, is 88, and Grant’s father, James, is 91. Both have been out of a relationship for some time, and the two actors thought that hey, you know what, life is short, so might as well see how this shit goes. “Yeah, why not?” McConaughey said. “Next week, they’re supposed to meet, and we probably won’t see them for the rest of the night.”

Damn. Love the thought that these two elderly people are gonna bump uglies into the wee hours of the morning because, even though the actual image is not one that I cherish, the theory behind it is nice. Everybody deserves this shit, man, because otherwise, life is an unending parade of indignities great and small. Without the crushing lows and the occasionally soaring highs of getting to know a person, even late in life, what’s the goddamn point? Love is patient, as they say, which is good, because I imagine elderly people move slowly. Love is also kind. Might as well give it a shot!

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