Meghan McCain Is Mad That President Trump's Overt Racism Is Getting in the Way of Her Coded Racism


Meghan McCain will not stand for President Trump’s racist comments about Representative Ilhan Omar, but only because she’s worried it will get in the way of her own, more subtly communicated racism against the freshman congresswoman from Minnesota.

During a rally in North Carolina this week, President Trump’s supporters responded to his comments on Omar by chanting “send her back” while the president looked on—pleased with himself. In a View segment discussing the display on Thursday, McCain condemned Trump’s role in feeding the racist discourse around Omar and the rest of the “squad,” noting that such comments were “taking away [her] agency to criticize [Omar’s] policy.” Of course, how could we all have missed that the real victim in this situation is Meghan McCain?

McCain has been one of Omar’s most vocal critics, accusing Omar of using “anti-Semitic language” when criticizing Israel and tying her to a California synagogue shooting.

In the same segment on Thursday, McCain said she wants to reset the discourse of the past week and just “fight about policy on The View.” Seems like she only cares about defending marginalized people when she feels it prevents her from freely spewing dangerous nonsense on air!

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