Miss USA Officials Publish "Sexy" Photos • Sunday School Teacher Pleads Guilty For First-Degree Murder


Unlike Miss America, Donald Trump‘s Miss USA pageants are pretty honest about what they’re looking for: conventionally attractive young women with a talent for walking in heels. However, the newest addition to the Miss USA website has caused some controversy.

See, the “profiles” of the contestants are accompanied by pictures of the ladies – most of whom are in their early 20s – in various stages of undress. Some wear just a white men’s shirt, while others are photographed in their underwear. Apparently, people are pissed. • Here is a painfully obvious story idea: “Mothers know best when it comes to family matters.” Despite the debatable headline, the family matter at question is the decision when, as a professional athlete, one should have a child. Surprise: Women know when they are ready for a family! • Researchers have found a link between breast feeding and appetite regulation. Babies who are bottle-fed during their first six months tend to eat more in infancy than those who were exclusively breastfed. They believe the “bottle effect” could help explain previous studies linking breastfeeding to lower rates of childhood obesity. • We’ve written a lot about the tragic prevalence of rape in the Congo, but the Christian Science Monitor adds something new and equally depressing to the equation with their article about babies born of rape. While many mothers are able to accept and love their children, they fear that they can never tell them about their fathers, for this has resulted in child suicides. But many of the women have the right attitude about their history: “We don’t know why we should be ashamed of what happened to us. Those who should be ashamed are the rapists,” said one victim. • In 1996, Michelle Ortiz was serving a one year sentence at the Ohio Reformatory for Women, where she was brave enough to report an assault by a prison guard. Officials did nothing, and the male guard returned later that night to rape her. She was then placed in solitary confinement. Unfortunately, Ortiz’s case was not unique – and is still being fought in Ohio courts. • The next time someone tries to convince you that sexism is dead, direct them here, to a breakdown of the highest paying jobs for women. Even in the best case scenario (as a female pharmacist) women still only make 86.1% of what their male colleagues are pulling in. Lawyers make a scant 80 cents to a man’s dollar and physicians and surgeons see a wage gap of 64.4%. • Melissa Huckaby, the 29-year-old Sunday school teacher accused of kidnapping, raping, and killing an 8-year-old girl, has plead guilty to first-degree murder. Huckaby faces a sentence of anywhere from 25 years to life in prison. •

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