​Model Andreja Pejic Is Crowdfunding an Autobiographical Documentary

In July, Andreja Pejic, the Serbian-born Australian model who rose to fame for her androgynous look and style, came out as a trans woman. Now, she and a filmmaker friend are creating a documentary about her past as well as her uncertain future in modeling and are asking for support for their Kickstarter campaign.

The model and her filmmaking parter intend to raise $200,000 (and have raised $15,796) for their film Andrej(a). The film will explore Pejic’s life, from her time spent in Serbian refugee camps during the Bosnian War to her decision to finally undergo sex reassignment surgery. It will also explore how her new career as a woman will fare, putting fashion’s acceptance of gender expression to the test.

While Pejic modeled for both men’s and women’s looks in the past, her new agency Society Management exclusively represents women. The New York Times has a great piece on Pejic and her career path, including what she and Society Management hope to accomplish—going mainstream as a woman:

Their strategy for Ms. Pejic is different from the one she pursued as an alternative, androgynous male model. Mr. Michael said the Society instead is hoping to attract “classic American brands like a Donna” (meaning Karan); powerhouse European labels including Céline, Chanel, Fendi, Roberto Cavalli and Prada; and lucrative cosmetics endorsements. He acknowledged that this would potentially require turning down edgier designers and companies that had supported Ms. Pejic in the past.

The film would certainly help her visibility in the modeling world, but Pejic states that she wants it to have a broader impact, using her own life to explore gender politics around the world. In the Kickstarter video, she states:

You see we live in a world that doesn’t like, trust, or respect transgender people. It felt like there were two options for me. I could transition, forget about my past, hide it, live in fear. Or I could be proud, share my story with the world, and hope that it does some good.

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