My Teddy Bear From Daddy Is The Best Music Video You've Never Seen


The internet is a strange and frightening place where anyone can post anything, from home videos of their parrot’s first birthday to really sad yelp reviews of private investigators who caught your dad with another woman (sorry, mom!). It’s also a place where unsigned artists, those doing it for the love of the game, can post videos that will never be are not quite yet ready for the mainstream.

Such is the case with Imbi, an Australian woman in her 50s who has been filling her channel on youtube with surreal video after surreal video of her personal compositions, reminiscent of a young Nina Hagen. Imbi’s biggest hitter is her audition on Australia’s Got Talent(full video below) but her most awe-inspiring musical motion picture is a euro-pop anthem about teddy bears, diamond rings, and dreams of a party she can throw for her closest friends, paper cutouts of Our Lord Jesus Christ and John Lennon. (And when I say cut-outs, I mean crude printouts cut into a circle. This is raw talent).

Perhaps what is most impressive about Imbi is her dedication to the song. Here is a woman doing what could most accurately be described as a tribute to Pandora Boxx doing a tribute to Carol Channing (deep), which sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but is infinitely enjoyable when you realize that Imbi’s in on the joke and is laughing right along with you.

Hats off, Imbi! (Unless that wig is attached. Keep it on, then!)

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