Mysterious Powder Sent to DWTS Studio—Was Bristol the Target?

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  • The Dancing With the Stars production office intercepted a “threatening letter containing white powder” (it was talcum) that forced a building evacuation. The FBI is investigating! Could the perps be those “haters” who Bristol Palin‘s been talking about lately?
  • You know, the ones who want to “destroy” her”? Maybe she has been right all along, and knows something we don’t know. But now we do know, kind of, because of this incident—which might be PROOF of the CONSPIRACY. Our takeaway lesson: If you receive any mail addressed to Bristol Palin, DON’T OPEN IT unless you like the scent of babies. [TMZ, People, Us Magazine]
  • Lindsay Lohan and her less-famous dad Michael Lohan spent the week together at Betty Ford. It’s nice to see these two getting along, even if Dad Lohan is so “quirky.” [TMZ]
  • In other “my dad’s a total weirdo” celebrity news, bride-to-be Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson celebrated their engagement with a partay at her parents’ house. They served veggie burger sliders and mini cupcakes to avoid food waste. [NYDN]
  • Jessica Simpson also showed off her new ruby ring. [Radar]
  • Oksana Grigorieva wasn’t happy with the $15 million settlement with Mel Gibson that her lawyer obtained for her in June, so she angled for more. [TMZ]
  • Tony Parker went ahead and filed for divorce from Eva Longoria in Texas. But Longoria already filed in California! Now they will fight about which state will grant their divorce, and we will learn new legal fun facts about jurisdiction. Parker’s suit doesn’t mention the pre-nup. [TMZ]
  • Tony Parker‘s teammates are “super pissed” at him for this sexting-your-teammate’s-wife bullshizz, which isn’t good teammate etiquette at all. [E Online]
  • Turns out that Tony Parker and Eva Longoria made a spoof of Grease with Erin Barry, the woman of Parker’s sexting dreams. It is loaded with symbolism that is very prescient now. [Radar]
  • Prince Harry wants to have a big crazy bachelor party for his brother, with hundreds of guests and “lots of special events.” The English taxpayers would cover the party and security costs but most of them wouldn’t be invited. [Showbiz Spy]
  • The British taxpayers might have a problem with this “we pay, you play” setup, though. Many Brits don’t even want to pay for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding. Maybe the couple should get married in a five-minute quickie ceremony at a Tesco. [Yahoo]
  • You can live in Nicole Kidman‘s West Village condo for only $45,000 a month. Or you could apply that same amount of money to go to law school for a year. [NYT]
  • Why can’t Matt Barr keep his shirt on? It’s a controversy. [TMZ]
  • Lady Gaga ‘s riders demand hedgehogs, two pole dancers, oxygen tanks, a Persian cat, and veggie dogs on toothpicks. [Tabloid Prodigy]
  • If you park in Steven Spielberg‘s parking spot, he won’t work with you. Just ask Ryan Kwanten, a regretful parker. [Daily Express]
  • Teenage singing sensation Greyson Chance loves KISS. Eh, he’ll grow out of it. [ONTD]
  • Christina Aguilera, also a singing sensation, is “fascinated” with burlesque. [Contact Music]
  • Paris Hilton helped clean graffiti in Hollywood as part of her community service requirement for that whole cocaine-in-her-purse incident not too long ago. [TMZ]
  • Kim Kardashian and Snooki are tied at the top of its celebrity loyalty index, which the NY Times describes as “a survey that gauges consumer engagement with celebrities.” [NY Times]
  • Snooki‘s BFF Jenni “J-Woww” Farley had a little fender-bender at the mall, and Snook’s ex saw it happen. But the ex didn’t stop to inquire about J-Woww’s condition because she has “always been so mean” to him. [Radar]
  • A judge wants an evaluator to investigate Jesse James and Janine Lindemulder in their ongoing custody battle for their daughter. He’ll pay for it, even though his finances are “”in flux just now.” Ooh, what does that mean? [Radar]
  • Victoria Beckham doesn’t fake-tan anymore—in fact, she now hates it.”Embrace your natural colour!” she says, unorangely. [Contact Music]
  • Doesn’t it seem like Charlie Sheen‘s NYC hotel meltdown happened ages ago? Totally had forgotten about it. But the folks at Good Morning America haven’t: they’ve invited Capri Anderson to tell her story about what happened on that night of nudity and broken furniture. She’s going to bring her lawyer along. [TMZ]
  • This year’s Playboy playmate, Hope Dworaczyk, thinks Gerard Butler is really charming. [Showbiz Spy]
  • James Franco hung out with Terry Richardson at some party and posed for pics. [Just Jared]
  • Christina Applegate‘s baby bump is bumpin’ along. [Celebrity Gossip]
  • Cher feels “like a bumper car,” because she doesn’t stop no matter what. [NYDN]
  • Jeff Goldblum tried to get a restraining order against his longtime stalker, who’s about to be released from a mental institution. But the judge didn’t grant it, because the stalker has to do something new and stalkery first. [TMZ]
  • Former Walmart greeter Cory Monteith says he might do construction if his current gig as a Glee-lebrity doesn’t work out. Maybe he can build your deck! [Us Magazine]
  • Ray J is “through” with industry chicks. Sorry, industry chicks. []
  • Justin Bieber will model for the British fashion magazine Love, with Tabitha Simmons styling the strapping young lad. [Fashionista]
  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally renewed their vows, and a camera crew just happened to be there to tape it. The majestic Pacific Ocean roared in the distance, its foamy waters ebbing and flowing like the nature of Spedi’s love. [ET Online]
  • Hooray for Holly Montag, sister of Heidi, who got a new job that involves escorting Michelle Trachtenberg and other, more famous stars into stores. Huh? Maybe the more famous stars don’t like to enter stores alone. [Celebuzz]
  • Bad-ass author Fran Lebowitz talked to Joy Behar on Behar’s show and said that marriage is a regressive thing that “does not help society.” You hear that, Wills and Kate? [CNN]
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