NASA Scientist Wants You to Finally Have a Bra That Fits


All you need is an iPhone and a tank top to find the perfect bra fit, says new clothing company Thirdlove. They raised $5.6 million in investment money today because a lot of people think more women need to wear bras that fit. (Mainly the women in the ill-fitting bras.)

The brand has designed a way to find and buy the perfect bra, and it works by using just two pictures of yourself in a tank top. The app — which, btw, was developed by a team of PhD’s and led by a NASA research scientist — renders three-dimensional data from the two-dimensional photos, and calculates your precise measurements. Then it shows you a selection of its own bras and underwear that should theoretically fit like a glove (for your breasts).

Obviously this would be much cooler if it just told you your measurements and then let you shop wherever you damn well pleased*, but I’m still excited to try it. Here’s hoping they have a wide array of sizes so that lots of ladies can benefit from the technology. Let’s also hope that the braless-in-tank-top photos are destroyed after the 3D imagining is complete — we do not need a TSA situation on our hands/boobs.

*Can a kindly consortium of altruistic grandma scientists who want to save the youngins from major later-in-life boob drift get on that? Because I’m pretty sure you could get a book and movie deal if you do.

[Reuters, Fast Company]

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