Nerds! It's The Date Night Premiere!


Date Night! We all love Tina and Steve, but will it be an intelligent romp or a stupid waste of $10? All I can tell you is that the star-studded premiere, at NYC’s Ziegfeld Theatre, had me smiling. (And laughing.)

As the Mets would have it, you gotta believe. And I do! That was an awesome season opener! And I want to believe in whatever Tina Fey does! But this dress is awkward and unflattering and the hair is confusing and she doesn’t look comfortable!

Leighton Meester scales down the edge to pretty, manageable, but still engaging level.

I know some of my gals love them some Jackman. Here ya go.

Taraji P. Henson, as usual, makes it look easy. It’s not: as we all know too well, this can easily slide into “insecurely draped towel in 80s sex farce.”

Katrina Bowden, per usual, gives us a master class in SexyFace.

Loving all the 30 Rock representing! (Yes, bookmobile owner Alec Baldwin was on hand, too.) And Jane Krakowski‘s neutrals! Even if they give a weird sports-bra effect!

I would quite literally have killed for these getups when I was a kid. I like to think Savannah Paige Rae and Emily Evan Rae had a hand in their choosing. Yes I mean literally. As David Cross sais, when you misuse literally, you’re literally using it the opposite way it was intended.

Rachael Ray looks like she’s brimming over with magical secrets. But I think this may be an illusion.

I don’t know, man. I mean, you’re already wearing a suit. Put on shoes. Jimmi Simpson‘s footwear is just too “teenager at prom.”

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