New Angie Stone Vid Stars Gary Dourdan, Is Based on Ruth (of The Bible)


This is kind of a lot! Angie Stone is appearing in a new TV One film entitled For the Love of Ruth, which is based on the biblical story of Ruth, but modernized; Stone plays a “kindhearted advisor at a woman’s shelter.” I’m no Bible expert, despite my mom’s best efforts, so the main thing you need to know is that For the Love of Ruth stars Loretta Devine and Gary Dourdan (hi boo) and has inspired a new Stone song entitled “Dream.”

From the clips in the video, it is clear that we are working with some hella soft-focus romance ethos, but it works with the song, which is classic Stone soul—an easy, laidback, grown-as-hell paean to a worth-it man who makes her breakfast in the AM. Interspliced with clips from the TV movie, a montage of Stone and said attractive man doing things like taking off his shirt and gardening as she gazes upon him with loving eyes. It’s SO classic Angie Stone—not a note off-script—that there is a spoken-word interlude about how God must have given her this “strong, handsome brotha.” This is exactly why Stone fans love Stone—the richness of her voice, the earnestness of her message, the realness to herself.

If you’re interested in watching the movie, it’s on TV One this Saturday at 8 pm Eastern, and also stars Denise Boutté and James Pickens, Jr.

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