New Miss USA Is Down With Medicinal Marijuana


When it came down to the final two ladies vying for the Miss USA crown, the two remaining contestants, Miss Tennessee and Miss California embraced, letting co-hosts Andy Cohen and Guiliana Rancic know that for at least the next 10 seconds, they were BFFs. Then Miss California, 21-year-old Alyssa Campanella, won and that was the end of that.

Here’s Alyssa trying to respond to Caroline Manzo’s question about marijuana legalization.

So else what do we know about our new Miss USA? She’s a self-described “history geek,” watches Game of Thrones and The Tudors, and she has a lifelong love of the Star Wars franchise. Potential scandal: She’s not a natural redhead; she dyed her blonde hair red six years ago for a role in a play and thought it brought out her “true” self.

21-year-old Californian wins Miss USA crown [Register Citizen]
Miss USA Profile: Alyssa Campanella [Miss USA]

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