Nip/Tuck Features Objectum Sexuality


On last night’s Nip/Tuck, a doctor-after being caught fucking a couch-admitted that he is an objectum sexual, i.e. sexually and emotionally attracted to inanimate objects. Clip is NSFW, because of dudity.

Dudity = male nudity, and in this case, a very sculpted, naked ass.

We’d think the whole storyline was ridiculous if we didn’t already see a documentary about objectum sexuality, and know it is a very real thing, at least, in the eyes of those who identify with it.

Most OS people (as they prefer to be called) are women, but there are instances of male objectum sexuality. Unfortunately, the educational website about OS isn’t working, but after reading up on the issue, we noticed that the main difference between OS men and OS women is that the women usually aim to marry the objects they love, while men aren’t as interested in that aspect.

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