NYPD Won't Confiscate Condoms as Evidence of Sex Work Anymore, Sort Of


It’s tough to promote safe sex while also instructing police to confiscate individuals’ condoms as evidence that they’re sex workers, but New York City has finally figured that out. Almost.

According to WNYC, the city’s new leader prompted the change.

“A policy that inhibits people from safe sex is a mistake and dangerous,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio at a press conference on Monday.

The sky is also blue.

Some are happy with the change, but others say it’s not enough because police can still confiscate condoms from people to “build evidence in larger sex trafficking or promotion of prostitution cases.” Ultimately, carrying condoms is still tricky.

One woman, co-director of the Sex Workers Project Sienna Baskin is working toward entirely banning the use of condoms as evidence in prostitution cases. Here’s hoping the nearly $1 million New York City spends on giving away free condoms can somehow find a balance with their thirst to snatch them away as “evidence.”

Image via NYC.gov.

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