Photo Finish: Nancy Pelosi's Unrecognizable Capitol File Cover


The right wing is obsessed with the possibility that Nancy Pelosi may have gotten Botox. But Capitol File appears to have done them one better, by “enhancing” the Speaker of The House beyond all recognition.

Let’s define our terms here. Capitol File is a glossy, ad-driven magazine that desperately tries to pretend there is some glamour lurking under the boxy suits and lobbyist combovers, with a recent assist from a congenitally stylish Obama administration. The Washington Examiner, whose gossip columnists pointed the Capitol File cover out, is a right-leaning freebie, which might explain why they think Pelosi herself should be blamed for any Photoshop crimes visited upon her.

They even interview a Maryland plastic surgeon of the charmingly named “Luxxery Medical Boutique” to account for the non-surgical altering of the Speaker’s upper lid and jawline.

By the way, the photo isn’t even original; it was bought off Random House, from a series that included the cover of Pelosi’s book.

The gossips also note,

If Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears get flak for airbrushing their photos, why not the speaker of the House?

Why not indeed? They have so much else in common. Besides, under the mighty airbrushing tool, all women are created equal.

Cover Girl Nancy Pelosi Looking Rather… Airy In D.C. Glossy [Examiner]

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