Pile of Ancient Roman Jewelry Found Under Modern Department Store

Archeologists in the U.K. have found a fabulous trove of nearly 2000-year-old Roman jewelry while digging under a department store in Colchester. Because that’s just the kind of shit they’ve got lying around over there.

According to NBC News, archeologists are digging underneath Williams & Griffin while the store’s being redeveloped. Their discovery includes: “three gold armlets, a silver chain necklace, two silver bracelets, a silver armlet, a small bag of coins and a wooden jewelry box containing four gold rings and two sets of gold earrings.” You know, just your basic Forever 21 accessories haul, give or take a flower crown. It’s apparently one of the biggest such finds in the U.K.

The baubles were apparently lost in the revolt led by Celtic queen Boudicca, who burnt half of Roman Britain the fuck down when they annexed her tribe’s lands and raped her daughters after her husband died. According to the announcement from the Colchester Archeological Trust, the owner likely stashed the jewelry under her home, which was torched after Boudicca’s troops seized and destroyed the town. Archeologists found human remains nearby, some of which “show evidence of injuries which suggest that fighting and a violent death took place here during the Revolt.”

No lie, I would fork over at least $50 for a half-decent replica of any one of the pieces they found.

Photos via the Colchester Archeological Trust.

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