Posh Passes On Spicing Up Her Life; M.I.A. Calls Out Writer In Song

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How many have there been? The ladies are trying to get Victoria Beckham to return, but she has “moved on.” A source says: “They might have to go on without her if she doesn’t come round soon.” Really? They’d go on without Posh? [Ace Showbiz]

  • We got the hint last week, but not it’s closer to being official: Mariah Carey is pregnant. [Radar Online]
  • Carlos Santana and Willie Nelson are among the stars urging Americans to protest Arizona’s immigration law. Shakira, Juanes, Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, Los Tigres del Norte, Sonic Youth and Kanye West are among the artists who have vowed that they will not perform in Arizona. [LA Times]
  • A snippet of Lady Gaga‘s new video, “Alejandro,” at the link. Mutant military dudes in teeny underwear! [Perez]
  • It seems like M.I.A.‘s new song is about New York Times writer Lynn Hirschberg… as well as “journalists,” “haters” and “racists.” [Reuters]
  • Lindsay Lohan is loving clean living! Apparently she feels like her mind is clearer. Imagine that. [Radar Online]
  • Whatever drugs Lindsay Lohan has to take to combat the pain after having her wisdom teeth pulled are okay, as far as the court is concerned. [TMZ]
  • Real HousewivesSonja Morgan has been arrested for driving while drunk in the tony beachy town of Southhampton. [Radar Online]
  • Mark your calendars: Prince Harry will be in New York on June 27 to play in the the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. [People]
  • More details from Jane Lynch‘s wedding! Hors d’oeuvres included oysters, lobster triangles, Japanese crab salad, seared scallop with apple reduction and artichoke fritters with lemon aioli! The reception featured a four-piece jazz combo! [People]
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones is suffering from a viral infection which is making it impossible for her to talk — or sing in A Little Night Music on Broadway. [NY Post]
  • Zac Efron will be honored by the Maui Film Festival later this month for some reason. Congrats! [AP]
  • A couple of weeks before they got married, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt did a photo shoot in which it was supposed to look like they weren’t getting along. “The pictures were shot to throw everybody off so there would be controversy about their future,” says the photographer. [Radar Online]
  • Oh look: Heidi Montag has done a “I am so sad” photo shoot to commemorate her split from Spencer. [Radar Online]
  • Cute: Amy Winehouse is dating a film director named Reg Traviss, whose dapper ’60s style compliments hers perfectly! [Mirror]
  • Amy Winehouse‘s dad calls the guy “a normal bloke.” [Independent]
  • Victoria Principal — who once starred on Dallas — has donated $200,000 to help clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. [AP]
  • John Mayer and his racist dick are sick and have canceled several shows in Europe. [People]
  • Gary Coleman‘s family is planning a memorial service — for either Saturday or Sunday, in Salt Lake City — but hasn’t decided if it will be private or public. [USA Today]
  • Gary Coleman‘s mom and dad say that getting into show business was his idea and they never forced him to do anything. But by his 20s, he was no longer speaking to them — he accused them of taking advantage of him, financially. [People]
  • Jesse James was trying to auction off his Red Baron replica airplane, but has taken the item off of eBay. [TMZ]
  • Sarah Polley, who acted in The Sweet Hereafter, Go and Dawn Of The Dead — and directed Away From Her — starred in Kathryn Bigelow‘s The Weight Of Water and says: “We had a lot of great conversations about what it meant to be a female filmmaker. She gave a lot of advice, was hugely supportive and showed such an active interest in my work. She took the idea of mentorship seriously, which was great for me.” Right now, Polley’s promoting the sci-fi thriller Splice, in which she acted, but she’ll start shooting her follow-up directorial feature, Take This Waltz, starring Seth Rogen, Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman in July. [Reuters]
  • Some lucky and proactive waitress scored drinks with Quentin Tarantino and Benicio Del Toro. [Page Six]
  • Stevie Wonder and three of his kids visited Stevie’s mother’s grave this weekend, and stopped by Michael Jackson‘s tomb — at the same cemetery — as well. [TMZ]
  • Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky: Seen all over each other at a NYC club. [Page Six]
  • Shoe-shopping with his girlfriend Miranda Kerr makes Orlando Bloom cranky. [Page Six]
  • According to this piece about Belinda Carlisle, “Madonna‘s lean physique sparked a devastating eating disorder.” [The Sun]
  • Patrick Stewart: To be knighted by the Queen! [Mirror]
  • If you are keeping track of people suing Joe Francis, add Steve Wynn to your list. [TMZ]
  • “We would like to have a second child – adopted or biological. We’re not ruling it out.” — Katherine Heigl. [ONTD via Contact Music]
  • “I listen to zero pop music, which is really weird for someone who makes pop music. My 13-year-old self would have beaten up my 17-year-old self because she would be like, ‘You’re a sellout!’ But that’s not what it is. It’s not dance music that’s just about, ‘Ooh, I’m in the club and everyone’s looking at me.’ It means something. I’m not just sitting here trying to sell glitz and glamour…because no one lives that life. A lot of pop songs are super shallow, but this music isn’t.” — Miley Cyrus. [SMH]
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