Prince Charles Continues to Beef With Prince Harry, the Only Likable Member of His Family

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Prince Charles Continues to Beef With Prince Harry, the Only Likable Member of His Family
Image:Mark Large (Getty Images)

It would seem that death did not bring Prince Charles and his son Prince Harry closer together. According to Us Weekly, the princes are still estranged from each other despite spending some time together at Prince Philip’s funeral. Apparently, they didn’t make any effort to mend their relationship, with Harry refusing to apologize for what was said in the Oprah interview and Charles unwilling to face the reality that his son was telling the truth during the Oprah interview.

Sources told Us Weekly that reconciliation likely isn’t in the picture for the two princes with Charles inching closer to the throne and closer to his plan of “slimming down” the royal family to only the essential members, like his successor William and his children. One source went so far as to say that Charles believes Harry “doesn’t deserve” to be a royal.

But if you ask me, a non-expert in royal goings-on, it would seem that the source of Charles’s anger is really misplaced jealousy. Charles spent his entire life conforming to the rules of royalty even when it meant doing something as extreme as marrying a woman he didn’t love. Charles gave it all to the crown, willingly or not, and now he’s sippin on haterade watching his son enjoy life outside of the confines of a palace. Sucks to suck! [Us Weekly]

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