Questioning The Answers Of Lost Cast's Interviews


The second episode of the final season of Lost is airing tonight, and fans are eager to more answers to the show’s big questions. Four separate interviews with Lost‘s stars were published today; we probed them for clues.

Telegraph‘s interview with Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd) doesn’t do much for fans interested in the mysteries of Lost, but it does illustrate how the Party of Five actor takes himself way too seriously. In fact, the writer of the piece said:

[I]t’s become clear that Fox takes himself more seriously than almost anyone I’ve ever met. Looking at my notes afterwards, I see that I’ve written, rather shakily, ‘My God, it’s like talking to a tree.’

Fox’s intensity is actually very similar to Jack Shepherd’s (except instead of being a spinal surgeon, he’s an actor).

On the call sheet, I’m number one and there’s a certain amount of responsibility that goes with that. You’re looked at as being the one who’s going to lead by example.

Terry O’Quinn‘s (Locke/FLocke) interview on the L.A. Times‘ blog is slightly more satisfying for fans of the show who care about the roles the actors play, rather than their “craft.” Of whether or not he’ll still be a fan favorite now that he’s seemingly evil, O’Quinn said:

I don’t know if you’ll have a great deal of affection for him…I think the character is as interesting as ever, but he’s different. I’m playing somebody different.

So does that mean that he’s not just playing the smoke monster, but a person, aka the Man in Black?

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) wasn’t nearly as pithy for his interview with New York.

The off-island stuff doesn’t pick up for Hurley until later in the season. I have good chunks in other episodes leading up to it, but the one you would definitely call “The Hurley Episode” is the twelfth episode. It’s definitely a completely different life for Hurley. Before, his monetary success all came out of bad things: He won the lottery, but people started dying around him. He would earn more money based on certain settlements or insurance claims because bad stuff would happen to the stuff he invested in. His wealth grew from horrible things happening. And this, you’ll see, it’s going to be the opposite.

Additionally, as Hurley often serves as the Greek chorus on the show, in real life, Garcia is just as blown away and confused as other Lost fans are.

When [the parallel storylines] got revealed to me, I drove home in silence … Just stewing on that. What does that mean now?

Meanwhile, Michael Emerson (Ben) gives a whole slew of non-answers regarding the last season of the show over on Fancast, however, he does say that there is a “reason why [FLocke] can’t [kill Ben].” And we’ll have to wait to find out what that is.

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