Rapey 'Real Housewife' Husband: 'She Fights It But I Always Win'


Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe appeared on Bethenny this week to promote her marriage advice book Love Italian Style, where Joe continued to say really gross stuff about sex and consent.

The Gorgas were on the show along with Tiki Barber and his pregnant wife as a sort of panel about marriage. The episode—which aired on September 24—was taped prior to the Internet’s reaction to Melissa’s questionable advice, and before she (or her publicist) realized that much of what they’ve advocated is problematic and some damage control was needed. So they were pretty honest and unguarded when expounding upon the advice in the book.

When host Bethenny Frankel asked, “Does that mean she will never turn you down for sex?” he answered:

She fights it. She fights it, but I always win.

Yikes. He went on to share an anecdote about how Melissa has been busy promoting her book, so she came home late the night before, but he told her, “Daddy needs his sleeping pill.” She obliged (per the advice in her book).

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