Real Housewives Grapple With The Other F-Word


On last night’s episode, several cast members took Danielle to task—to her face and behind her back—for not objecting when her friend/bodyguard called Caroline’s son a “faggot.” Instead, Danielle (a self-proclaimed “gay advocate”) laughed. Ha ha!

Last season, Teresa’s husband Joe called someone a “gaylord” in front of Danielle, and she immediately (and repeatedly) admonished him, claiming that she was offended by his comment because she has so many gay friends. But on last week’s episode, Danielle’s ex-con escort Danny called Caroline’s son a “faggot” numerous times, and Danielle was seen laughing. Last night, Danielle’s new friend Kim G. — who was present for Danny’s F-bomb — told Danielle that she wasn’t cool with that language, the behavior, or with Danny in general. Danielle tried to defend Danny’s slur by saying that it wasn’t an insult because he wasn’t using it in regards to a gay person. Then she screamed that she’s a “gay advocate.” Meanwhile, this entire “faggot” debate was taking place while Danielle was getting her hair done by a gay man. (Or at least, I assume that he’s gay. And, no, not merely because he’s a stylist, but because of the looks he was shooting into the mirror during the convo like, “Um, hello? My hand could slip any second now and burn your neck with this curling iron.”)

Then there was the “Facebook War” between Danielle and Jacqueline’s daughter Ashley. The thing is, Ashley was 18 at the time she made the “I Hate Danielle Staub” Facebook page (which has since been removed, although a new one was put up in its place last night, presumably by RHNJ fans). The fact that Danielle was engaging in this kind of bullshit—calling a teenage girl “fat”—speaks volumes about her maturity level. Later on, an incident—which is sure to make its way into this season—occurred in November 2009 in which Ashley confronted Danielle and pulled her weave. Danielle pressed charges and Ashley was found guilty of assault and ordered to pay a fine of $189.

Later, the Manzo and Giudice families sat down to dinner and discussed the Danielle “faggot” scandal. Then Caroline—who claims to be sick of everything involving Danielle—proposed that they never speak of her again. Good luck with that.

Oh, and if you didn’t know, Danielle is recording a pop song, which she refers to as a “girl on girl duet.” So, see, she is a gay advocate.

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