Reality Show Seeks Straight "Gender-Benders"


Did you know that not all female softball players are gay? Bravely busting this and other sexuality myths is … a reality show, casting now.

The show’s working title appears to be “Straight As A Board!” — not really a well-known phrase, but okay — and here’s what they’re looking for:

Just because you’re a man who likes pedicures, or a female gym teacher, that doesn’t mean you’re gay, does it?
If you’re sick of your friends constantly trying to set you up with members of the same sex then it’s time to set the record straight.
A new reality series is casting people that are ready to put all the rumors to rest. Just because you’re a guy and like show tunes or a girl and play softball that your not hiding your sexual preferences in the closet.

Get it? Set the record straight! Undoubtedly the wits behind this show will add an important perspective to the conversation about sexual orientation and stereotype. In all seriousness, it’s probably worth reminding a still-homophobic nation that you can’t determine someone’s sexuality by their musical preferences. But I’m not sure a reality show’s the way to do that — especially since this one seems to be open only to straight contestants. Also, creator One Louder Productions appears to primarily specialize in wedding videos, not in TV shows at all.

And what about all the straight dudebros who love things like “beer chugging” and making asses of themselves? I ask you, where’s their TV show? Right here, evidently: The Beer 30 Show (a new program featuring “off color humor that will offend, embarrass and ridicule”) is holding a casting call for its co-host. Hopefuls will compete in “The Man-Thelon (our version of a decathlon),” wherein they will drink beer, tell dirty jokes, and attempt to emit the “Loudest and longest Burp (Need we say more).” It’s good to know that whether you are a straight person or a boorish drunk, television still has a place for you.

Casting Call Information [Reality Wanted]
Auditions [The Beer 30 Show, via The Feast]

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