Recovering Otter Cuddles Teddy Bear • Russian Baby Born With Two Penises


This poor otter was near death when Camilla Ravenshear found him wandering alone on the road. He is now feeling much better, and is now taking comfort in his new teddy bear friend. •

• Young women who have undergone breast reductive surgery may have been screened for cancer without their consent, according to a recent report. • Doctors hope that a new type of screening for ovarian cancer will help decrease the number of cancer-related deaths among women. • Ugh: the Caylee Anthony “tribute” dolls are back. • Mormons are up in arms about an upcoming episode of HBO show Big Love that plans to depict a sacred Mormon temple. The church has not called for a boycott, believing (rightly so) that it would only give Big Love free publicity. • According to a new study, the high incidence of child marriage in India could lead to “poor fertility outcomes” among women. • Click here to watch a video of a turtle humping a shoe. • A preacher in rural Alabama is under fire for his “sexy sermons”. The sex-positive sermons received negative attention after the church sponsored billboards that read “Great sex: God’s way.” • A baby boy born in Russia has just undergone surgery to correct his birth defect: he was born with two penises. • A Maryland woman was seriously injured (and probably embarrassed) from an incident involving a sex toy attached to a power saw. • Fertility patients are pleased with Obama’s decision to lift the ban on stem cell research, since their donated embryos can now be put to good use. However, Scientists have some doubts. • New research from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia indicates that many doctors don’t really understand the emergency contraception pill, and because of this, they don’t often suggest it. • Studies performed on rats have found that children whose mothers drink alcoholic beverages while pregnant may find the taste more palatable than those born to teetotalers. • And for those of us who may be predisposed to loving the booze, there is a new website that can help monitor alcohol consumption. • More Filipinos are beginning to question the Catholic Church’s teachings on birth control. “The influence of the Catholic Church has steadily weakened, just like in other countries,” says Congressman Edcel Lagman. • According to a poll from 2007, 54% of Icelanders don’t deny the existence of elves, and many believe that elves could be to blame for building disasters. • While women in Saudi Arabia are restricted from many activities, horse riding is not among them. • Protesters of the Miss University London pageant chained themselves to the entrance with bike locks and set off stink bombs. • The Scottish Prison Inspector has announced that many female inmates are living in “dismal and damaging conditions. • A new study shows that women expect men to do “masculine” chores, like taking out the garbage and mowing the lawn. • Film company Target Entertainment has bought the rights to a feature-length documentary titled “Monster: The Josef Fritzl Story.” • Katie Couric has received a Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence for her coverage of the 2008 campaign. • A 17-year-old gunman dressed in military gear entered a high school in Germany and murdered fifteen of his classmates. Out of the fifteen, fourteen were female. • Firefighters in the UK have gotten multiple calls about this dwarf pony’s stumpy legs. • Last night Congress passed a bill that will help provide cheap birth control for college women. • And if you don’t like hormones, a new, cheaper, female condom has been approved for sale in the U.S. • A total of 43 people in norther Nicaragua have fallen ill with “crazy sickness.” • Female Guardian writer tries boxing, realizes it’s an intense workout. • Men are shelling out big bucks for hair plugs to combat society’s prejudice against the bald. • Salt may be addictive, says a new study on the evolutionary reasons for human’s taste for salt. •

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