Report: Women Nice to Underqualified Male Coworker


Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet, formerly co-stars on the Oscars-snubbed Lady Bird, have been reunited on the set of Greta Gerwig’s new film, an adaptation of Louise May Alcott’s Little Women. As fans of 19th-century literature will remember, and as assiduous readers of the title might infer, Little Women is about, yes, young women—namely, four sisters who are growing up in New England after the Civil War, and who must wrestle with what is expected of them and what they want in order to find light and happiness in the world. Gerwig’s adaptation stars Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, and others. A lot of women, suffice to say.

Let’s check on Chalamet, who plays the girls’ neighbor, shall we? Per Variety:

“They’ve started shooting, they’ve been very nice to me,” Chalamet said of the “Little Women” team.

Aww. How nice. He seems like he’s just happy to be there:

“I would do anything Greta wanted me to be a part of,” the Oscar nominee continued.

And maybe he should be, because he had some catching up to do once he was brought onboard. My man had not read Little Women! Emphasis mine:

“I knew ‘Little Women’; I hadn’t read it,” he admitted. “But I’ve read it since. I understood it to be a literary classic, but it’s crazy, day by day in the rehearsals, I get more imbued in the legend of it all. We’re shooting in the Massachusetts area where it was written, so we have a lot of people on the crew or that are just around that, like, the book is very dear to their heart and to their youths, as well.”

Congrats to Timmy Chalamet for discovering Alcott’s magnum opus in 2018 and for connecting with the people of Massachusetts, who apparently hold this book in extremely high regard. I didn’t know that about people from Massachusetts, but like Chalamet, I am open to learning new things every day. I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie when it comes out a year from now in 2019.

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