Retiree Builds Sanctuary For Cats • New Details Released In Fritzl Case

Meet Craig Grant, founder of Caboodle Ranch. The 30-acre property is home to 500 unwanted felines. Using money out of his own pocket, Grant built an entire kitty-town, complete with lakefront cabins. •

• A new study shows that children with contact lenses feel better about their looks than kids who wear glasses. • Horrible news: over 100,000 young women were killed in fires in India in a single year. Officials say that many of these deaths were tied to domestic abuse. • Proposition 8 is back in court. The court’s decision is due within 90 days, so here’s hoping that the 18,000 same-sex couples wed in California are not forced to give up their rights. • Four years after being honorably discharged, Lisa Pagan, mother of two, was recalled for duty. She reported with her children, and is now waiting to hear whether her appeal – on the grounds that she must stay in the country to take care of her kids – will be approved or not. • According to a study from the University of Warwick, modern women are ill-equipped to deal with motherhood because of their newfound geographical mobility. • New strains of drug-resistant gonorrhea have been detected in the US, UK and Australia. • The kidnapping trial of Kumari Fulbright, former beauty queen, has been pushed back until at least August. • Toward the end of the Spanish Civil War, thousands of children were kidnapped and put up for adoption. Years later, Spain is facing pressure to investigate the “lost children of the Franco regime.” • The Belfast Rape Crisis Center is facing harsh criticism for its burlesque show fundraiser. Academic Fionola Meredith is among those opposing the show: “Forget post-feminism and irony – Northern Ireland remains an old-fashioned sexist’s paradise where women’s rights are very far down the political agenda.” • More than 15,000 tapes of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Christian talk show, the ‘PTL Club‘, are up for auction. • Excerpts from Josef Fritzl’s psychological examination have been released, and the details are terrifying. Fritzl claims that he “actually led a completely normal family life” and that he was a “good provider.” • According to UN officials, the women’s prison at Badam Bagh, Afghanistan, is probably the best in the country. The “humane” prison allows children to stay with their mothers, and offers classes for the prisoners in English and computer science. • British teachers worry that forward-facing strollers may be to blame for the recent decline in the linguistic abilities of many children. • Artist Christian Faur assembles amazing portraits entirely out of whole crayons. Check them out here. • A new study has found that sexual dysfunction among women may have more to do with the brain than with the body. • The world’s first pink dolphin has been discovered living in an inland lake in Louisiana. • The Japanese have invented a new weight loss tool: expensive toe rings. • Women are less likely to go into debt and work harder for financial independence than men, according to a new study. • Mariachi classes are gaining young followers, as second and third generation Latinos reconnect with music of their grandparents. 14-year-old Maureen Sanchez has been taking Mariachi classes since she was five, and has already recorded three CDs and appeared on national radio and television. • A recent survey shows that women are more religious than men. Analysts speculate that this may be caused by – what else? – motherhood. • For the first time, researchers have established a link between estrogen and fat storage, which may explain why women store fat differently than men. • The New York Times has a short, but important, documentary following an 11-year-old girl on her last day of school before the Taliban closes it down. •

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