Roxy Announces Pro-Surfing Championship with Ass ‘N Titties Clip


Selling bikinis is by nature a provocative industry. They’re selling underwear that you can get wet, for god’s sake, so the chances of seeing some cleavage are higher than if you were selling, say, nautical sweaters. But where can advertisers draw the line between “this swimsuit will make you look hot” and “look at these butt cheeks but also swimsuits”?

I think we may have happened upon proverbial line between advertisement and soft core with Roxy’s new ad campaign. The simply sumptuous shots of a girl and her perky ass getting out of bed, caressing various electronics and eventually getting on a (slowly) waxed surfboard don’t really encourage the viewer to buy Roxy products as much as they do encourage people to ogle at some skin. But putting tits and ass next to consumer products isn’t anything new.

What Roxy aims to do with this campaign is a fun lil’ interactive game with the viewers called Guess Who These Boobs and Ass Belong To. JK, it’s called #WhoAmIJustGuess. The headless hottie in the video is a pro-surfer, and Roxy has been revealing fun facts about said headless hottie on their Facebook page. These boobs and ass like berries for breakfast and wear a shark tooth ring for luck! These boobs and ass like to surf in Honolua Bay! Can you guess who these boobs and ass belong to?

The point of the ad isn’t just selling tankinis, though. The #WhoAmIJustGuess campaign is supposed to be announcing a women’s world surfing championship sponsored by Roxy in Biarritz, France. A surfing championship, not a lounging in bed topless championship. But the advertisement conveniently leaves out any shots of pro-surfers “shredding the gnar” at Biarritz, like they have for the last eight years Roxy has hosted the event, and only featuring Anonymous Hot Body on a surfboard for the last 20 seconds of the video. Even then, the shot is more a voyeuristic view of the pro-surfer’s ass than a display of athletic talent.

Tomorrow, Roxy will announce who’s body you’ve been jerking it to. Can’t wait to find out which talented female pro-surfer has been reduced to a sexy mannequin rather than celebrated for being a kickass athlete! See you at Biarritz this weekend, where everyone can stare at the surfers’ boobies instead of their epic surfing skills.

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