Russians Use Obama, Stupidity To Sell Ice Cream • Black Girls More Likely To Suffer From Bulimia


• This Russian ad for Duet ice cream has been slammed for its racist overtones. In addition to featuring a strange caricature, the ad (insultingly?) calls the chocolate/vanilla bar the “flavor of the week.”

• One woman’s request for police to search her ex-boyfriend’s laptop for child porn horribly backfired when they found two pictures of her engaged in illicit acts with a dog. She has been charged with two felony bestiality counts. • A 43-year-old Muslim cleric from Indonesia has been detained on suspicion of violating the child protection law after he publicly married a 12-year-old girl. • A new study shows that black girls are 50% more likely to suffer from bulimia than white girls. • Nudists apparently have a solution to the teen pregnancy problem, and it (obviously) involves being naked. • An awesome 78-year-old woman named Doris Henion helped police catch a serial robber after he threatened her at gunpoint. • New trend in broadcast journalism: female reporters! Apparently, more stations are hiring young women in attempts to improve their ratings. • The Catholic Church is pissed at Spain because of recent plans to loosen legal restrictions on abortion. The Church has launched a campaign to stop the government from approving the changes. • A new ad campaign in New Mexico seek to target female drunk drivers. • Netflix has become a sponsor of Women in Film’s Finishing Fund, an organization that gives money to women who are just a little bit short of completing their movies. • The U.K. has just approved Azzalure, a French, Botox-like drug, for sale in Britain. • Many Israeli women claim “religious modesty” as a reason for avoiding military duty, but the Israeli Army isn’t buying it. They have started a surveillance program to catch female “draft-dodgers”. • Mukhtar Mai, a Pakistani rape victim-turned-advocate, has married. The wedding was a simple ceremony in her hometown. Congrats! • A new study from the University of Illinois has found that co-parenting with a violent ex is possible, but only if the violence was “situational” rather than “intimate terrorism.” • Employers in Denmark have begun the process of compensating female workers who developed breast cancer after working night shifts.

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