Sarah Palin And Hillary Clinton Are Comic Book Heroes


The American people can’t get enough Sarah Palin, in comic book form at least. Bluewater Productions is releasing comics about women in politics and the Sarah Palin issue has already gone into a second printing.

The 32-page comic about Sarah Palin’s rise from PTA president to vice presidential nominee, which sells for $3.99, is part of the company’s “Female Force” series. A comic about Hillary Clinton was released yesterday and issues dedicated to Michelle Obama and Caroline Kennedy will be released later this year. Writer Neal Bailey said that while he wasn’t originally a Clinton supporter, while researching and writing the book he came “to admire and be utterly fascinated by what is obviously the most underrated figure in modern history”. As for Palin, two versions of the comic were written, but the ending in which she triumphantly assumes the vice presidency was tossed. [The Guardian, Media Bistro]

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